A 39-year-old Australian is on trial because she is accused of, to have a man and members of his entourage 9000 text messages and 100 E-Mails sent within a period of three years. Like the Australian “Sydney Morning Herald” reported, had met the 39-year-old defendant, who works as a radiologist, the victim of 2015 via Tinder and dated. This results in a “very volatile relationship”.

victims of the attacks should have been thinking about suicide

On social media should have found the defendant in 2016, then, that your “Ex-friend” or their brief affair has a new partner. That seems to have you so extremely rankled that she went on a nasty campaign of revenge. The police say it was Beloved, it was reported in the “Sydney Morning Herald”, of a “vicious campaign” against her Ex -. But not only he himself was the victim of a revenge campaign, but also his parents, his sister, several of his work colleagues, his new girlfriend and even their parents. You all should have received numerous text messages or E-Mails with insults, accusations and threats. What was the exact content of the messages is unknown. The content should be according to the police, however, so extreme that some of the Affected would have even thought about suicide.

“You – You’re gonna love me”

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defendant is said to have organised intimidated their victims with 9000 text messages and 100 E-Mails

As it seems, were the attacks of the Vengeful. So, for example, the sister of the Tinder-Dates should have received around 60 E-Mails from five different Accounts. The defendant is said to have also used photos of her Ex-Lover and his family members from the social media for their attacks and for their harassment. As the Australian news site “9 News” reported, must be responsible for the 39-Year-old in a total of ten charges in court – including Stalking and intimidation and threat. The process is scheduled to run for ten days. The defendant has pleaded “not guilty”.

source: “ 9 News” / “The Sydney Morning Herald”

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