Maybe Maureen Hatcher owes her life to Bella and Sadie. But it could go to her today, much worse, if the two dogs would not have switched so quickly. The 62-year-old woman lives with her grandson and the two animals in the town of St. Augustine, in the U.S. state of Florida. At the beginning of December she suffered a stroke and the dogs they saved.

Hatcher was home alone, as she collapsed in the shower. “I fell on the floor and couldn’t move.” Fortunately, their dogs turned instinctively fast: How various American media report, ran the two Labrador retrievers to the neighbor’s house. In front of the entry station around you were barking wildly, jumped around and held a such a ruckus that the neighbors quickly became clear that something had to be wrong. As they went over, they found the heavily damaged Hatcher and selected the emergency. “I think the dogs you have saved. Otherwise, they would no longer be with us,” said the neighbor, the TV channel ABC News.

– stroke: Fast response of dogs and neighbors stay prevents damage

the paramedics were met immediately, the right decision: Instead of bringing the woman in to a normal hospital in the vicinity, drove it directly into a specialty clinic. So a lasting brain had been preventing damage to said one of the Doctors in the TV station ABC 13: “In a stroke, it’s about time.” Maureen Hatcher is back on the mend. It is according to his own statement, not sure how the dogs came out of the house, know what you owe them: “Normally, I would not be in the Constitution, in the I am now. I had a guardian angel on the other side of the street. I had the very great happiness.”

sources: ABC 13 / ABC News