“Many people have lost in the flood of everything, but I’ve won something,” says Amélia. They took refuge during the cyclone, “Idai”, on 15. March, large parts of Mozambique, devastated and alone there are nearly 600 people at a cost of life, with your son on a mango tree. And brought daughter Sofia to the world.

mother rescues in Mozambique on the mango tree

“I was at home with my two-year-old son,” recalls Amélia, “as the water broke suddenly and without warning in the house”. You had no choice other than to climb the tree. “I was alone with my son,” she says. The birth had been “very, very painful”. “I’ve cried, screamed. In some moments I thought that the child comes from. In other moments, I thought it was up to my Hunger.” After two days of Amélia and her children had been of neighbors saved.

Amélia and her two children are currently in temporary accommodation in the nearby Dumbe and be in health, good Constitution, writes the BBC.

vaccination campaign against Cholera after “Idai”

After the devastating cyclone “Idai” helpers started in Mozambique, a large vaccination campaign to prevent the spread of the severe curb diarrheal disease Cholera. In the province of Sofala should be vaccinated soon up to 900,000 people, said the Ministry of health on Wednesday. So far, there are already more than 1,700 Cholera cases, approximately 1400 of which are in the especially of the consequences of the storm affected the city of Beira.

“hundreds of thousands are living in appalling conditions in temporary shelters without clean drinking water and Hygiene, which is why Cholera and other diseases represent a serious threat,” said the Director of the world health organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The oral Cholera vaccine will save many lives and spread of the disease to prevent it.

source: BBC,

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