Last Thursday, died of a 44-Year-old in Offenbach by a shot in the neck. The woman had been waiting in her car, as she wanted to pick up her son from gym class. According to current knowledge, the police have someone stopped suddenly with a car next to her drove the wheel down and gave a fatal shot to the woman. She died in the ambulance on her severe injuries. Now, officials are turning with a name, a description and photos of the suspects to the Public.

Thus, Mohammed Soultana for the act responsible. The 42-Year-old had “no fixed residence in the Federal territory” and is to come “from the immediate environment of the woman”. Already last week, a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office was informed that the Suspect with the victim’s sister was known.


man shoots wife, waits in the car, on your child – police are looking for offenders


according to investigators, there has been, immediately before the fact of a fierce dispute between Soultana and the 44-Year-old. The officials assume that he knew where he would be the victim this evening, he cornered the woman and shot. Directly after the fact, the man had fled to Belgium, where his track lose, according to police. Since then, going to search with the high-pressure according to him. The exact background of the act are still unclear.

So the police describe the wanted man:Mohammed Soultana was 1.98 metres strikingly large have a athletic-muscular Figure, dark curly, short hair and green eyes

officials do not rule out that Soultana’s wearing the murder weapon yet. Witnesses should not approach, therefore, to him, but the police immediately contact the emergency number 110, warns the authority. For relevant information, which may lead to the capture of the perpetrator, has launched the public Prosecutor’s office in Darmstadt, a reward of 3,000 euros.

source: the police