How can a woman who is in the long-term coma, pregnant? This question is asked of the police in the US state of Arizona, after a patient of Hacienda HealthCare nursing home had brought in Phoenix at the end of December a child into the world. The only conclusive answer was rape. Because the woman is already for at least ten years in a coma and may have agreed to a sexual act, accordingly, impossible.

come To the perpetrator on the track, gathered the police so all the male staff of the care facility DNA samples. The one who is the father of the baby, must have been the woman passed. And actually, the tactic led to success. The DNA Test have proven the paternity of a conservator of the institution, police said on Wednesday. The 36-year-old Nathan S. rape and the abuse of a vulnerable adult will now be charged. He is in custody.

A month in captivity

gang kidnaps girls, tortures, raped, and tattooed it all over your body

Nathan S. was engaged since 2011 in the nursing home, and was directly responsible for the care of the victim, is responsible. The police are now investigating whether he might have passed to other patients. The investigators make it free, however, to the families to decide whether their relatives should be tested for signs of sexual Assault.

pregnancy is noticed only at birth

it Also remains to be determined whether other employees of the care facility knew about the Assault. Strangely, the fact that the pregnancy the patient was reportedly not noticed until after the contractions have started.

In the facility to be maintained especially in patients with severe brain injuries, which are not or only to a very limited extent be able to Express themselves independently. “The trust is now shaken,” said Karina Cesena, the station KPHO, whose 22-year-old daughter is cared for in the facility. “I don’t know if she is a victim, too, but I’m going to ask you. You can respond with Yes or no.”

The BBC reported, citing internal sources, that from now on, in the nursing home to male patients only in the company of a woman able to take care of. The head of the nursing home is already short after the announcement of the Case, resigned.