After years in coma, a woman in the US has brought a nursing home, according to media reports, a child to the world. A spokesman for the police in Phoenix, confirmed that there is in the case studies. The details he announced. The “New York Times” that will be determined because of possible rape. It should be clarified which men had access to the room of the woman.

Shortly after the case, the head of the nursing home is now resigned. His resignation had been accepted by the Directors of Hacienda HealthCare, the responsible operator, it said in a statement from the company, according to the BBC.

pregnancy is noticed only in the case of labor

According to the “Washington Post” is to lie the patient in the home in Phoenix in the US state of Arizona is already almost ten years in a coma, other media outlets reported from 14 years of age. She was drowned in an accident almost and I haven’t gained then the consciousness.

attempted murder in an old people’s home

A Nurse for the steel of an old woman of 40 euros – that was the death sentence for the Elderly woman

First reported the local radio station KPHO in Phoenix about the case. Reporter Briana Whitney said according to research in the hospital, in an Interview with KPHO-cooperating network, CBS, the new-born was, after preliminary investigations, healthy. Doctors said the transmitter, to squeeze it borders on a miracle that it did not occur in the case of birth complications, because the mother was able to.

it was Unclear why the pregnancy was not detected in the device first. It was only when the birth mother went into labor, have you not recognized the groan of the patient, that little voice. A member of the nursing staff have on 29. December, birth assistance, the woman brought a boy to the world. The clinic did not want to comment on details.

the nursing home is not the first Time in the headlines

In the facility, particularly for patients with severe brain are taken care of the injuries, which are not or only to a very limited extent be able to Express themselves independently. “The trust is now shaken,” said Karina Cesena, the station KPHO, whose 22-year-old daughter is cared for in the facility. “I don’t know if she is a victim, too, but I’m going to ask you. You can respond with Yes or no.”

The BBC reported, citing internal sources, that from now on, in the nursing home to male patients only in the company of a woman able to take care of.

The Ministry of health of Arizona, were also inspectors, for the investigation of the patients sent, and to have “increased security measures” introduced.

The institution was advised in 2013 in the headlines. At that time, there had been allegations against a nurse, the patients became to verbally abusive.

sources: BBC / REUTERS

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