In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania died a woman after a bath in the Baltic sea to a bacterial infection. The older woman belongs to the risk group of immune-compromised people, said the Director of the state office for health and welfare (Lagus), Heiko Will, on Thursday.

where she’s from and where she’s been infected, he said with reference to the data protection. So far, we’ve registered four more people who were infected with the so-called Vibrios. Previously, the “Ostsee-Zeitung” and other media had reported about it.

Want to make warned of a panic. Since 2003, there have been eight deaths caused by Vibrios. In the last year, the office registered, therefore, 17 infections, including three deaths. In the face of tens of millions of bathers, the risk of disease is extremely low. Only in exceptional cases, a risk for immunocompromised, the elderly, persons with open wounds through which the bacteria in the body, could penetrate there.

Vibrios are bacteria of which some species in humans, diseases can cause. The now proven, in salt water occurring bacteria multiply in water temperatures greater than 20 degrees. Symptoms of infection chills are, therefore, diarrhea and fever.

A quick treatment with antibiotics can mitigate the progression of the disease, strong said Want. The Lagus checks the presence of the bacteria in the Baltic sea according to its own data to seven Digits. From experience, we know that if the bacteria would be found in one place, before they came, also to all the others, Will said.

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