The 110 is for emergencies as every child knows. Just what an emergency is, is well-defined. A woman from Lübeck in Schleswig-Holstein saw, apparently, already a in their eyes botched hairstyle as such.

you’ve called, according to the lübeck police on Wednesday afternoon under the emergency number in the control room of the officials, directly from a hairdressing salon in the centre of the marzipan city.

Lübeck: the “huge problem” with the hairdresser

The officer at the other end of the line you have described your “giant problem,” informed the police: she had been with the performance of your hairdresser completely dissatisfied. It was, apparently, the coloring of your hair, because the caller is supposed to have complained that they had already been three Times “” recolored. You have to make known differently, told the customer, according to police.

C. Tauzher: mother in Rage and your children

Seeing eye in the hairstyle hell

However, in the emergency center she joined, apparently, on deaf ears, and certainly not a strip car with blue racing light the “emergency” in the city centre. Rather, the officials of the caller made it clear that the police were going to check in the case of repetition, whether the investigations against the woman are included – because of “misuse of emergency calls and impairment of accident prevention and emergency funds,” as it is called in the criminal code. After all, in prison or a fine of threatening after that, up to a year.

“We are always happy to help, but for a detailed hairstyle advice, the police are not the right person to contact, not the emergency”, the lübeck officials after the strange call in a communication clear.

+++ police reports you can read here in the star-news from Germany +++

sources: police in Lübeck and Ostholstein, section 145 of the penal code


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