As Debra Goddard from the West of London, held in his hands her Ring to a jeweler, fell almost fainting: “He said: ‘you Know, what is it? This is a diamond'”, – quotes the British tabloid “The Sun” the 55-Year-old. Goddard had gone with the hope to the jeweler to get around £ 750 for a Ring that she had kept for 33 years in a Shoe box. Goddards mother had previously lost a lot of money by a grandchild trick fraud; the daughter wanted to grab her financially under the arms.

“glass ring” in truth, 26-27 carat diamond

the Ring would but give such a financial upswing, so that Goddard had not expected: Because of the 33 years ago at a flea market purchased glass ring was not made of glass, but a real diamond with 26-27 carat. The value: incredible of 760,000 pounds, so the equivalent of around 865.000 euros. The auction house Sotheby’s has operated its value, and net of auction costs, Goddard received the equivalent of 535.000 euros for the Ring, for you had once paid ten pounds.

The case went in may 2017 by the media. Several German and English-language media had reported about the diamonds. “Sky News” showed the Ring in front of the camera:

Debra Goddard: “To me, the money is not important”

Now, the “Sun of language” exclusively with Debra Goddard, reported the newspaper, which she started with the surprising richness. Because with the money Goddard, her mother, June Boyle (72) wanted to allow some nice things: “she has made a vacation to Barbados, Tom Jones, seen Celine Dion in Las Vegas and a fur coat purchased. To me the money is not important.” For Goddard, the non-is wealth Karma hoping for the bad things that are happening in your life and in the life of their mother.

Goddard even wrote a book about her experiences and now works as a volunteer in a charity organization for children without a home. “If my book brings in the money, I would donate it to the children,” said Goddard of the “Sun”.

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