A 50-Year-old must answer for itself because of their behavior in a traffic jam on the last Wednesday in Düsseldorf, probably soon to be before the court. As the police reported, was previously recorded in a 16-year-old motorcycle driver of a tractor-trailer and dangerous to life had been violated. During the rescue fighting forces on the ground to the lives of the young, was the driver by means of numerous gaffes, such as the police reported on Sunday. Because of the salvage had to work behind the scene of the accident, a traffic jam formed, in which the woman was standing with her car. They, therefore, rose repeatedly out of the car and the police asked officers on the ground, when they finally could drive. You would an important appointment. In the process, they would be kicked several times in the emergency lane and had blocked like that.

instructions of the officials, may you remain in your car, ignoring the woman. “Even when you explained to her in a new interview, the seriousness of the situation, namely that the rescue forces would fight to a man’s life, she showed no insight”, the report said. Instead, they replied that it was not your fault, you have an appointment. After she cried to the use of forces according to the report, “loud and clear” that they could not wait any longer. Again and again, you referred to your appointment.


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Also the use of forces to ensure that the rescue forces would “fight for a human life,” and the relatives of the victims on the spot, were not provided for more understanding. To show “instead of insight, criticized the 50-Year-old again, according to strong, that it would take too long to rescue the Person”, it is part of the police. A statement of the person’s alien would have been denied the unruly woman first. Now expects the 50-Year-old a criminal complaint for resistance to law enforcement officers.

sources: police Düsseldorf (I), police Düsseldorf (II)

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