What do you see when you think of Donald Trump? You, probably, have his well-tanned skin tone before your eyes, the origin of which is a state secret. And his straw-blonde hairstyle, which will always be tagged again and again by the tabloids, preferably with “toupee”, some suggest that a wegfrisierte bald.

A picture shows the US President in a way that you are guaranteed to have never seen before: his natural Look – so at least the theory of the photographic artist, has shared his photo stop Experiment on Facebook.

Donald trump’s natural Look – in theory

The experimental set-up is simple: the Jordan river, so the Name of the artist, has deprived the US President using the image editing program of his alleged art of a tan and Hair. The result, in theory:

The lighter skin tone was seen in the areas under trump’s eyes, the artist explains in his Posting. In media reports again and again, the “bright half moons” (as she once described by Ex-FBI chief James Comey) are due to goggles in the sun(bank)baden. The alleged hair tint was removed, the allegedly existing bald head made visible. “I would like to thank my photography teacher who taught me my Photoshop skills,” writes the artist. “Someday I’m going to use it for something meaningful.”