The ones you have is likely to be quite different: The Danish right-wing populist party “Dansk Folkeparti”, in English, the Danish people’s party, wanted to go with a Post on their Facebook page the start of the election campaign a bit of fuel. Until the summer, must be chosen in Denmark, a new Parliament, however, there is still no election date. The prevents but the parties not to fight so hard to vote — so also the “Dansk Folkeparti”, which is usually abbreviated with DF.

In a Facebook post questions the right-wing populists the voters: “Would you dare to put Denmark’s policy on foreigners in whose hands? Yes or no?”. Including a picture is to be seen, on the four politicians of the left side of the spectrum, Morten Østergaard of the links are shown:-liberal party “radikale Venstre”, Uffe Elbæk of the green party, Alternative, Pernille Skipper of the left-alternative Red-Green, and Pia Olsen Dyhr from the Socialist people’s party. The aim of the Danish people’s party is obvious: to discredit the migration and foreigners policies of the political opponent and call, but prefer to choose their own policies.

User does not respond as expected

But the los went for the Right, significantly to the rear. The post was commented on over 30,000 Times and over 1900 Times divided – what stands out on the Facebook page of the party significantly, however, the comments of the Facebook Users and voters not so, how DF would probably have liked. Although some write that they would see the political fortunes of the topic of foreigners and Migration, in the hands of the DF. However, a clear majority of comments with a “Yes” and would like the candidate of the left party block to deal with this issue.

As a User, for example, writes: “it is Quite clear! Empathy is one of the Danish values, the DF is trying to be deleted from the map.” Other users, Yes, write: “of course, these are people with respect for other people.” or “Yes, of course! This is a more humane, than the statements that come out of DF!”

but There is also significant criticism of the right-wing populist party, sound off in the comments. A user writes: “I have preached your Hatred, both in the media and on posters in the city sick of it. A proper handling, objectivity, and humanism, please!” And another writes: “do you think that the entire population of Denmark is so paranoid and vicious as the DF? I could not live with myself if I would not do anything to push you off the track.”


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Rune Weichert In the case of the Danish people’s party, it makes the

According to the media consultant, Astrid Haug, the unfortunate Facebook post was not very good for the party, as she explained to the television station TV2: “I don’t think that you have expected such a reaction. This is bad PR and make the people in the social networks fun of it.” According to a Danish adviser to the office the many of the comments were, however, good for the Danish people’s party, because of the Facebook algorithm presents the DF even more users, TV2. Free campaign advertising for the party.

In the case of the Danish people’s party, even if you want to change, despite the many negative comments, nothing, says the migration policy spokesman of the DF, Martin Henriksen, the newspaper “BT”: “what I take away from the fact that we have to explain to the electorate the better, that our policy is the right medicine for Denmark. (…) I can still hold on to the positions of the DF, to insure that we have not changed the rates.”

In Denmark must be selected in June a new Parliament. Traditionally, the Prime Minister from calling, however, before new elections, three weeks later, is then chosen. In the polls, the DF loses significantly: According to a survey of the “Greens” would lose the DF almost seven percentage points and eleven mandates in comparison to the election in 2015. Well it looks, however, for the social Democrats and other left parties like the Socialist people’s party, or “radikale Venstre”. Together, they would come up with their political Block on over 55 percent of the mandates, which the social Democrats could get a government job.

sources: Facebook post by Dansk Folkeparti, TV2, “BT”, “Børsen”