As the police officers on the 24. January 2019 on the snow-covered house in the small village of Searles, Minnesota, closes, him, the red letters on the front door immediately. Someone has sprayed “Death Parde God Light” with shaky letters, reports the Washington Post. When the policeman knocks, opens to him the 58-year-old Duane Arden Johnson the door – naked. He says: “My wife is on top and dead.” On the question of why he was naked, the, open the door, replied Johnson: “I need to wash this stuff out of me.” Then he turns around and runs back into the house and hollering a little later: “I’m in the bath, so you have to come in here.” He had to take a bath with soap and bleach to get to the small “black and white things” from his skin. So at least the “Washington Post reported it”.

As more officers arrive, they discover the body of Debra Lynn Johnson at the top of the narrow staircase. Her body was firm from head to foot in a grey sheet and a belt fixed to and wrapped. On the question of why he had his wife so Packed, replied Johnson: “I have prepared the Dead, as it says in the Bible.” He had washed his wife and “nicely done” and in linen wrapped, as described in the old Testament.

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©Bob Steventon/ BY-NC-ND 2.0 death due to Overdose of methamphetamine

According to the prosecutors, Debra Lynn Johnson died from an Overdose of methamphetamine, a synthetic noise drug. Un the to you have of your husband. Therefore, the charges against Duane Arden Johnson is now on the murder of the third degree, which would be in Germany, for example, with bodily harm resulting in death is comparable.

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Debra Johnson had previously experienced severe years. Two heart attacks, high blood pressure, Diabetes: Since September of 2018, she lived in a nursing home, about 110 kilometres from her home. According to the “Washington Post” brings her husband back home – against the advice of the Doctors.

The days before her death, it was gone Debra Lynn apparently bad. You could eat two days nothing or drink, had also disposed of their medications. Spasms would shake her body, is reported by Johnson to the police officers. He didn’t need to hold on to, so that you hurt. They should have trembled strongly, that she couldn’t sleep.


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But he had promised her a Party. And he no longer had to endure their suffering, Johnson. And, because promised, he threw a Party for you. She lay in bed, while he turn on the music. Especially your favorite song “Metal Health” by Quiet Riot. Again and again he didn’t leave the room so she sees and hears, that he needed to cry. From the outside, he brought snow into the house to moisten your mouth. That he got Meth, denies the defendant. His wife didn’t want to celebrate, before your life comes to an end. “I’m an Idiot, I’m an Idiot….”, Johnson, in an affidavit says. “I can’t lie, because I’m too stupid to plan something and to lie.”

He also had one last Time with his wife Sex, Johnson. You’ve wished for. About one and a half hours later, she died.

According to the authorities, Johnson had referred again and again, “the Old Testament”. He explains that he does not want to help his wife Die, stated in an affidavit of the authorities to the case. However, it was up to him now, where she was dead. God had shown him grace, and his pain is relieved. E did not call earlier for an ambulance, because his wife had forbidden him to do so, Johnson.

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Active euthanasia, failure to help, or just a Mistake? The prosecutors actions on murder in the third degree – throw Johnson to have his wife accidentally killed. The maximum penalty is 20 years in this case. John Yost, the attorney for Johnson, told the Washington Post that his client wants to first see all the documents and consult a doctor. “I’m going to say that my client loved his wife and denies to have done anything to hurt you,” said Yost.

when the process will start is as yet unknown.

source: Washington Post; State of Minnesota, County of Brown.