The list of charges against a 44-year-old man in a process in Bavaria is a long one: He is said to have rigged a pipe bomb to kill his Ex-girlfriend, pornographic images of women in Aschaffenburg distributed, as well as the Internet have spread. Due to almost a dozen different offences, the man is now before the district court of Aschaffenburg. There he gives a part of the allegations, he denies vigorously.

So the man admits that he spread drastically in the Nude photos of his Ex-girlfriend. Vehemently, he turns, however, against the accusation that he wanted to kill his Ex-girlfriend with a pipe bomb. The charge to the field-guided pieces of evidence would have to serve a planned private display of fireworks.


accepted According to prosecutors, the man would not accept the separation of the wife. He deliberately planned to harm you. To do this, he intended to serious threats to his victim outright. Sleep disorders and anxiety attacks the woman had been the consequence. to humiliate

his victim, and to avenge himself, shrank back, the accused, apparently at nothing. Not only is he widely according to prosecutors, the Nude photos of the woman, but he destroyed even repeated the grave and the tombstone of her recently deceased father.

Numbers, facts, measures

Stalking: half of all victims are Ex-partners

The psychological terror was more the information according: To the work of the woman’s body, he sent the skull of a package with a People. According to the Prosecutor the man tried to give the impression that it is the skull from the grave of her father. Then the anxiety of the woman would have been further increased.

As the Ex-girlfriend, which also occurs as a secondary applicant, in the afternoon in the courtroom appears to be, appreciates your alleged tormentors, none look. In focus and with a quiet voice, she says, and reports of their martyrdom. Her Ex had been in the relationship very jealous and also a “phrase-maker”. What he did to her afterwards, didn’t trust him, however. The worst Episode was with the human skull.

apology in the Aschaffenburg court

rejected While she describes all of this, listens to the accused, who appeared in blue Jeans and black tie, quiet. The question of his attorney, if he could apologize to her, denies it. Previously, she had rejected an offer for a pain and suffering payment.

Completely in the Background of the numerous other accusations against the man, including insurance fraud occur this afternoon. The public Prosecutor’s office accuses to him to have a break-in at his fitness Studio as well as in his private house faked. This he denies. Another criminal charge he admits, however, He admits that he was already stalking another Ex-girlfriend on an impermissible manner – by Stalking.

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