The key messages in the Overview:drug-Transporter rams, of all things, a police car (10.56 PM)attack of Wächtersbach had from according to the investigators, xenophobic motive (10.10 a.m.) – South Korea fired warning shots at Russian military aircraft (6.02 p.m.), American radio pioneer Art Neville died (3.30 p.m.)Re-power failure in the whole of Venezuela (2.35 PM)Green paper: domestic flights by 2035, eliminate (2.05 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 10.56 PM: With 200 kilos of drugs, a loaded Transporter, of all things, police car +++

rams is A with more than 200 kilograms of drugs, the loaded Transporter in Australia, a police, of all things, rammed the car and the police on his track. Images from a surveillance camera showed a white van in front of a police demolishes the precinct in a suburb of Sydney, the Front of a transversely to the roadway, parked police cars, but, undeterred, continues. About an hour later and less than ten minutes from the scene of the accident, removed the alleged driver had been questioned, police said.

In the car of the 26-Year-old were, therefore, moving boxes with 237 kg of methamphetamines with an estimated street value of 200 million Australian dollars (178 million euros). The driver of the Transporter was accused of, among other things, the large-scale trafficking of drugs and negligent driving.

+++ 10.43 PM: Schweinfurt German lightning capital +++

Schweinfurt Germany’s lightning capital: 5.0 lightning strikes the city of fittings per square kilometre was lower Franconia 2018 in front of the Rheinisch-Bergischer district, in North Rhine-Westphalia with a 4.0 and the upper Bavarian district of Weilheim-Erdblitzen Schongau with 3.7, as an evaluation of the lightning information service from Siemens revealed. The lowest lightning density recorded, therefore, the cities of Kiel, Potsdam and Schwerin, as well as the district of Lüchow-Dannenberg with 0.2.

The lightning information service from Siemens is recognized in the hardware since 1991, exact data of lightning strikes. According to statistics, the Saarland was in the last year, the state with the most measured Erdblitzen per square kilometre, at least it flashed in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Overall, the lightning information service from Siemens in 2018 registered about 446.000 lightning strikes in Germany – 3000 more than in 2017.

+++ 10.37 PM: poet and Essayist Peter Hamm died +++

The poet and Essayist Peter Hamm is dead. He died on Monday at the age of 82 years, told the Carl Hanser Verlag in Munich. The Munich native had been published at the age of 17 poems. He also wrote Essays and Film screenplays and is the author of film portraits of well-known writers such as Ingeborg Bachmann, Heinrich Böll, Peter Handke, Robert Walser for television. As a literary critic, he made a name for themselves, such as the Bavarian radio (BR) or in the literature club of the Swiss television. In addition, Hamm, as a judge was very much in demand, for example, for the Petrarca-Preis, the Georg-Büchner-Preis and the Peter Huchel prize. Since 1996, he was a member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine arts.

The author lived at lake Starnberg and was in a relationship with the actress and Doctor Marianne Koch, known among other things as a health expert on the BR TV.

+++ 10: 25: confession in murder of hitchhiker Sophia L. +++

at The start of the process to the murder of the hitchhiker Sophia L., the defendant has made a confession. It was he who had killed the 28-Year-old a year ago, the 42-year-old Boujemaa L. before the district court of Bayreuth on its defenders to explain. “Of course he knows that he has committed a serious injustice,” said defender Karsten Schieseck in the Declaration. L. sorry for the parents and the brother of Sophia.

+++ 10.17 PM: attempted murder of daughter: father has seven and wanted to half-kill years in prison +++

Because he his seriously ill daughter, has been sentenced a father to seven and a half years in prison. The land court of Trier, language of the 63-Year-old of attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm guilty. The father had added the woman with a knife in life-threatening injuries. Then he tried to kill himself. The 36-Year-old suffers from an incurable eye disease with progressive loss of vision. Most recently anxiety and panic attacks came.

The 63-Year-old had confessed to the start of the process, that he wanted to kill his daughter, to redeem them from their Suffering. He had cared for for years, of course. The daughter was able to drag himself to the fact last October from her home in Trier. Both are physically recover. The prosecution had demanded eight years in prison.

+++ 10.10 PM: attack in wächtersbach had according to the investigators, “clearly xenophobic motive +++

Behind the shooting of a 26-year-old Eritrean in the South Wächtersbach clearly a xenophobic motive is, in the view of the investigator “”. However, there is to date no “reliable evidence that the contacts in the law, national or extreme right-wing scene passed”, stated the investigators in Frankfurt am Main. The alleged perpetrator, a 55-year-old German, had been shot on Monday at noon, from a car out on the Eritreans and those seriously injured – after the fact, the man fled and shot himself.

+++ 09.55 am: phosphorus grenade from the war triggers probably surface fire in NRW +++

A phosphorus grenade from the Second world war in the small town of Nideggen in the North Rhine-Westphalian circle of a conflagration, Düren, apparently triggered. The grenade was probably due to the field work to the light of day and could have set up a stubble field on fire, as the firemen of the small town told in the Eifel.

+++ 09.52 PM: a doctor in Austria, under the abuse-suspicion – 95 victims is known +++

A specialist in Austria to have needs over the years, many male patients sexually abused. According to the investigators, 95 of the victims are known by name. “The abuse happened mostly in practice, but also partly at home,” confirmed a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office of catfish a report from the “upper Austrian news”. The 55-year-old urologist from the Salzkammergut is already sitting since the beginning of 2019 in custody. The Dimension of the case, but has only in the course of the investigation clear, said the spokesperson.

According to previous findings, the actions played in the period from 2000 to 2019. The display of a victim, had brought the investigators to track down the doctor. By the scour of the Patient files, the investigators came across the rest of the name. The man had said to his defence that the measures would have had medical reasons. In four cases, the Op would have fer is a result of worn damage, said the spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office.

+++ 09: 21: process for the murder of hitchhiker Sophia L. in front of the County court of Bayreuth +++

started just over a year after the nationally publicized murder of a hitchhiker Sophia L. has begun before the district court of Bayreuth the process. A Morocco-born truck driver is accused of the 28-year-old student murdered. He is said to have brought a hitchhiker in the middle of June 2018 on their way from Leipzig to Nuremberg in his violence and killed in order to previously committed offenses to conceal. Whether a sexual offence is meant, is so far open.

The body is said to have saved the man, then in the North of Spain, where was found a week after the Disappearance of Sophia’s. The Suspect denied the defendant’s modus operandi was to have Sophia not with the defendant intentional Homicide, but in the dispute killed.

+++ 8.02 PM: Iran’s foreign Minister: Tehran wants “normal relations” with Britain +++

in Spite of the continuing Tanker conflict, the Iranian foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif for “normal relations” with Britain – and with a message to the likely future of the new British head of the government, Boris Johnson turned. “It is very important for Boris Johnson to understand when he moves into Downing Street, that Iran does not seek confrontation,” said Zarif on Monday during a visit to Nicaragua. Iran wants “normal relations, based on mutual respect,” said Zarif. He thus replied to a question by reporters whether he had a message for Johnson.

+++ 6.02 PM: South Korea gives warning shots at Russian military plane +++

South Korea has made claims to fired warning shots at a Russian military aircraft that violated the air space of the country. A South Korean military representative said to the AFP news Agency that Russian aircraft had violated South Korean airspace off the East coast of the country on Tuesday, two Times. Then, South Korea had become a niche fighter jets. It fired warning shots had been made. According to the figures, it was the first Time that a Russian Military aircraft violated the airspace of South Korea. The background should now be solved.

+++ 5.25 am: government gives more than 178 million euros for external consultants +++

The Federal government has spent in the first half of the year, a minimum of 178 million euros for external consultants. This is the result of a survey conducted by the Ministry of Finance, in the 14 departments, which was conducted at the request of the Left-the Deputy Matthias Höhn, and the German press Agency. By far the most the Ministry of the interior invested with 78.7 million euros, and the Ministry of transport with a 47.7 million Euro in expertise from the outside. The Ministry of education is required, however, the least additional Expertise. There were issued in the first six months of the year, only 293 000 euros for a consultant.

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London: European protection mission for the shipping in the Persian Gulf planned

DPA +++ 5.15 PM: Meuthen: a Maximum of 20 percent of the AfD members are estimates of the “wings” +++

The AfD-Chairman Jörg Meuthen, almost every fifth member of his party can be included in the national “wings” by Björn Höcke the course. “Those who feel explicitly the “wings” belonging to the probably not even 20 percent of the members. But this is only a rough guideline value,” he said in an Interview with the German press Agency. “If you count those who sympathize with this current of the party, then maybe we are at 30 percent,” he added. Strong the “wings to be continuing”, especially in Brandenburg, Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. In the West, the following is generally small, “but given that Baden-Württemberg would be at the front”.

+++ 4.45 PM: Tuesday is the hot summer +++

Summer temperatures are on Tuesday in Germany. According to the forecasts of the German weather service (DWD) are achieved in the course of the day, in many places, temperatures of over 30 degrees. Particularly warm it will be in the West of Germany, with 36 degrees in the Saarland, and 34 degrees in the state of Hesse. Only in the North, on the coast and in Parts of southern Germany it remains a bit cooler. Here are about 24 degrees in the North of Schleswig-Holstein and 25 degrees on the Baltic sea coast. For large parts of Germany, a heat warning was also.

+++ 3.45 PM: the severe weather in New York leads to Flooding and flight delays +++

A storm has caused in New York for Flooding and air traffic to the US East coast metropolis affected. At the Airports of John F. Kennedy, Newark and La Guardia, it came because of the strong storms on Monday evening to many delays. In the social media course Videos and photos of road trains, which were flooded by the heavy rains partially-terminated meanwhile. The New York subway came on many routes too late. The severe weather followed a heat wave that New York had given in the past few days, temperatures of nearly 40 degrees and high humidity.

+++ 4.55 PM: India rejects information Trumps to request mediation in the Kashmir conflict +++

The Indian government has rejected information of the US President, Donald Trump, New Delhi had asked him to mediate in the Kashmir conflict with Pakistan. A spokesman for the Indian foreign Ministry said on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra modi had sent no such request to Trump. It had always been the Position of India, that open questions would have to be discussed with Pakistan at the bilateral level. Trump had previously said at a Meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in the White house, Modi was contacted with a request to mediate in the conflict over the Kashmir Region, approached him. “I met Prime Minister modi two weeks ago and we have talked about the topic, and he said: ‘you Could be a mediator or Arbitrator?” He had help ready to, Trump said. The Region of Kashmir has been divided since a war of 1947 between the two nuclear powers India and Pakistan, but is claimed today by both States in their entirety. In February, the conflict flared up dangerously After a suicide attack in Kashmir 40 Indian security forces were killed, fought in India and Pakistan a fierce battle.

+++ 4.15 p.m.: Nasa mourns the loss of former flight Director for power +++

The American space Agency Nasa mourns the loss of their former flight Director Christopher Kraft, who died on Monday at the age of 95 years. In a communication, the Nasa reminded in the middle of the country-wide celebrations for the 50th. Anniversary of the first moon landing to the important role played by the aerospace engineer force, both in the entire Apollo program, as well as with the predecessors Gemini and Mercury. “He has created the concept of mission control of Nasa”, – stated in the assessment.

+++ 3.30 PM: US-radio-pioneer Art Neville, has died +++

The radio pioneer Art Neville is dead. The musicians from New Orleans and co-founder of the Band, Neville Brothers, died at the age of 81 years, like his brother, Aaron, announced on Monday. The singer and Keyboard player was one of the most important representatives of the radio and was nicknamed “Poppa Funk” (daddy radio). Was born the two-time Grammy award-winner at the 17. December 1937 as Arthur Lanon Neville. The influences of Fats Domino, he began early with the Music and sang as a 17-Year-old with the Hit “Mardi Gras Mambo”. The end of the 1950s, he joined the US Navy, stayed for the music, though. He founded the Band the Neville Sounds, later to The Meter. The group is considered to be one of the pioneers of the radio and went with the Rolling Stones on Tour. At the end of the 1970s, Neville founded with his siblings the Band the Neville Brothers. This started in 2004, their last Album, and gave 2015 a farewell concert. Neville announced last December its withdrawal from the music business.

+++3.05 PM: Trump’s budget reached an agreement with opposition Democrats +++

US President Donald Trump has made a long-term budget agreement with the opposition Democrats, the billion-dollar allows more spending and re-spending freeze is intended to prevent. Trump wrote on Monday in the short message service Twitter, it is a “compromise” with the leader of his Republicans and the Democrats in both Congress chambers had been reached. This was “a great victory for our great military and our veterans”. The agreement lifts the spending limits for the financial years 2020 and 2021. In addition, the debt ceiling is set to the end of July 2021, except for power – so until almost nine months after the presidential election from the beginning of November 2020.

+++ 2.35 PM: falls in Venezuela, the current from the +++

experienced Again in Venezuela, a massive power outage. All Federal States are affected, informed on Monday afternoon, the non-governmental organization Netblocks. The access to the telecommunications network had fallen to six percent. The reason for this was initially unclear. It was in this year, however, several major power outages in the South American country in crisis. After the beginning of March parts of the country were more than 100 hours without power, made the state chief, Nicolás Maduro, one of the USA’s and the Opposition’s planned cyber attack for the collapse of the energy supply. The opponents of the government to the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó languages, on the other hand, displaced investment, corruption, and lack of maintenance of the facilities.

+++ 2.05 PM: Green paper: domestic flights by 2035, redundant++

+ and The Greens do not want to make the train travel in the next 25 years, so attractive that domestic flights are worthwhile. “By 2035 we want to make domestic flights largely obsolete,” says an author of the paper from the Green group in the Bundestag, which is the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. The Railways are to get a year to three billion euros, the rail network to expand and to make it faster. The aim must be to reduce the travel time between as many locations as possible in the domestic and in neighbouring countries to “a maximum of four hours”. Specifically, the authors call the Connections between Cologne and Düsseldorf to Berlin, Hamburg or in the direction of Munich as well as the route Frankfurt/Berlin.

+++ 1.15 am: mass protests against Puerto Rico’s Governor +++

On the eleventh day of protests against the government of Puerto Rico, tens of thousands of people have laid the capital city of San Juan lame. The protesters blocked on Monday a highway, many shops and offices remained closed. It was the biggest Demonstration to demand the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló. Some observers to speak of the probably the largest Demonstration in the history of the Caribbean archipelago, in the approximately 3.2 million people. The trigger for the protests, a corruption scandal in the government of the US were foreign territory, as well as the publication of messages from a private Chat group between Rosselló and eleven Familiar, in which they expressed negative things about several people. According to Many of the comments from women and gays were some and disrespectful to the many Victims of the devastating hurricane Maria of 2017.

+++ 0.15 PM: EU election result in Ukraine as a strong mandate for reforms +++

In the EU, the results of the parliamentary election in Ukraine as a strong mandate for reform will be considered plans of the Pro-Western President Volodymyr Selenskyj. It was now the responsibility of the new authorities, to take account of the expectations of the Ukrainian citizens, said a spokeswoman for the EU foreign representative, Federica Mogherini, on Monday evening. The European Union stand at the side of the Ukraine and was looking forward to it, the political and economic rapprochement further. Important for the EU is that the Ukraine in the fight against corruption, the rule of law and in the energy and macroeconomic stability, make progress.

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