In a nutshell, it is serious. The investigations by the US special investigator Robert Mueller regarding possible Russian interference in the US election are completed and available prior to publication. The reigning U.S. attorney Matthew Whitaker said: “The investigation is, as far as I know, is about to be completed,” he said, and that he hoped that “we will get the report as soon as possible.”

Six of Trump Trusted already

accused of The final report is eagerly awaited. Just a few days ago, the former adviser to the US President, Roger Stone has been accused of, in connection with the investigation. He is the sixth defendant Trumps environment in the Mueller investigation. Some observers do not exclude that there are even more charges against Trumps son Donald Jr. and his son Jared Kushner-in-law because of their entanglements in the Russia affair.

Ex-FBI chief Robert Mueller investigated since may of 2017, the influence of Russia on the U.S. presidential election of 2016 and a possible involvement of the electoral camp of Donald Trump. Was called Mueller after US President Trump had fired the former FBI chief James Comey. As the dismissal reason he had given, first, to be the work of the Supreme Federal police officers dissatisfied, Trump himself admitted a little later that he had thrown Comey because of the ongoing FBI investigation out of it. This, in turn, the Ministry of justice led to a special investigator.

Who Donald Trump is dangerous?

Trump has criticised the investigation since then, always sharp, and as a “witch-hunt”. The US President strongly denies any collusion with Russia. Also the acting Minister of justice Whitaker had been in the past highly critical of the investigation, Mueller’s, but also made it clear that he will leave up to the end of the run.

Russia investigations

U.S. special investigator Mueller rejects incriminating report about Trump


Despite all the claims of Innocence have been charged with Stone, Paul Manafort, and former lawyer Michael Cohen already three close Confidants Trumps and bring Trump in distress. Especially Cohen could be the Trump to be particularly dangerous. He is regarded as a key figure in the Russia-investigations. Cohen has fallen out with Trump and co-operating with the special Prosecutor Mueller. With voltage, a hearing Cohen’s in front of the US Congress is expected. When it comes to that, is still unclear.

Congress about Russia, lied to

In December, was sentenced by a Federal court in New York Cohen due to payment of illegal election campaign aid, due to false statements before the Congress and for tax evasion to three years in prison. He had given, among other things, to have the Congress at its Russia-investigations in connection with a planned construction project Trumps in Russia lied to.

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