the Kakapo, the misshapen, and also the rarest parrots in all known species. In 2019, however, there was surprisingly neat offspring. The only 50 adult Kakapo females laid 249 eggs from which, so far, 89 Chicks hatched more than twice as many as in the last breeding season, reported the scientist Andrew Digby, on Thursday, the AFP news Agency. He will assume that 75 of the Chicks will survive to adulthood.

in Total, there are currently only 147 adult Kakapo. The extremely rare flightless birds live only on four Islands off the new Zealand coast, where they have no natural enemies. The species is monitored by researchers as strictly as possible. Each individual animal carries a transmitter, the nests are monitored video. The scientific support is so tight that the researchers know that on good Friday the last Chicks of the season hatching.

Kakapos need Rimu-trees for reproduction

The yellow-green and about four kilos of Kakapos breed only every two to four years, when the new Zealand Rimu-trees bear fruit. In this year, the trees bore many fruits – may, thanks to climate change, such as researchers, Digby said.

The nocturnal Kakapo were thought to already be extinct, as in 1970, some of the surviving copies have been found. They belong, according to Digby is probably one of the most monitored species. The animal rights activists can relax, according to his words, the Monitoring at the earliest, if the Population is to grow to at least 500.