On the Australian island of Fraser Island, a camp dad has freed his 14-month-old son, apparently at the last Moment from the mouth of a Dingo.

Several wild dogs in the night in the home of the family of the young car invaded and had him dragged away from his sleeping parents, local media reported. Accordingly, the father woke up from the scream of the child, as one of the dingoes wanted to beat his son in the bushes.

third Dingo-attack within a short time,

The man immediately ran outside, have freed the child and the animals turned out, described a paramedic to the channel ABC, according to. Subsequently, the father was able to make an emergency call, although the family was camping in a remote part of the island, and the mobile phone network was bad. The seriously injured Boy was transported by helicopter to the coastal town of Hervey Bay and from there to a children’s hospital to Brisbane flown. He suffered a skull fracture and lacerations to the head and neck.


man steals car while toddler

The “Brisbane Times” and other Australian media sits in it, it was the third incident of this nature on Fraser Island, within a short period of time. In January, a six-year-old Boy from dingoes was there to fall and seriously injured, as he wanted to race a sand dune. In February, a mob of Australia’s native wild dogs, a nine-year-old and his mother bite wounds inflicted.

Fraser Island tourist destination and home of 200 dingoes

Fraser Island is located off the East coast of Australia North of Brisbane in the state of Queensland. The largest sand island in the world is a popular tourist destination and home to around 200 dingoes. The protected animals are important for the Ecosystem of the island and are only allowed to be in acute danger of Rangers killed.

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