The former Wikileaks informant Chelsea Manning, once as a Computer Analyst at the U.S. armed forces, a report by the Washington Post, back in detention.

Manning had refused previously to answer to court questions about the disclosure platform of the Australian journalist Julian Assange.

Manning had already been published before the arrest in a Statement. In it, she makes it clear that you expect a detention. In court, she had stated days ago, you have to silence the constitutional right to.

“Out of solidarity with the many activists who are in trouble, I will stand by my principles,” she said. You will make use of every legal possibility, which is available to it.

The 31-year-old Manning was already seven years in US military detention. She came up to 2017, after President Barack Obama had ordered the early release. Originally, Manning was in front of their sex – body Operation, she lived as a man and was called by the first name of Bradley was sentenced to 35 years in prison has been sang.

Manning had redirected significant amounts of data from the computer systems of the US government to the Wikileaks revelations. This, among other things, serious crimes committed by U.S. soldiers were made public.