In Indonesia, been detained a woman after she has apparently doused her husband with gasoline and set on fire. The reports in the British media, citing the local press. Therefore, it came between the 25-year-old Ilham Cahyani and the 26-year-old Dedi Purnama to a dispute, as the young man repairs to the roof of your house in the village and Pandanwangi. His wife wanted to know the password for his cell phone. However, Purnama refused to give it to her.

Cahyani did not let up, however. Finally, Purnama to be down from the roof come, and his wife have failed. Then the young woman took a canister of gasoline, and the content about your husband ergo got shot. Then she puts him to the police, with a lighter in a fire.

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man said that he had seen the burning man, and helped to extinguish the fire dies in hospital

A witness. Purnama was taken to a local hospital, where Doctors tried to save his life. Pictures from the hospital show the severe injuries he has sustained. However, despite all the efforts of the doctors Purnama died two days after the fateful fight.

His wife was arrested after the attack and is according to media reports, currently on the police station in East Lombok. However it is still unclear whether they will be charged. In addition, it is not yet known why the young woman wanted so urgently the password to the mobile phone of your husband. You should be charged for murder, threatens the Indonesian to the death penalty.