Ajay Bisaria
Ajay Bisaria

The Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria’s wife Bharati Chaturvedi has returned to India after wrapping up his essential goods from Islamabad.

His wife came to Pakistan on August 21 after he was deported to Pakistan by Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria. Indian Chaturvedi spent a week in Islamabad.

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According to sources, the Indian High Commission packed the necessary goods from their residence and sent them back and today, they themselves have returned. The Indian Embassy’s car came to leave them at Wagah Border, bye bye.

Indian diplomatic sources say that Ajay Basariya may not be sent back to Pakistan anymore and he may be appointed a high commissioner to another country soon. Apart from this, Afghan-India trade is continuing via Wagah Border, two or three trucks from Pakistan go to India daily for dry fruits.