Not bad at all amazed road workers in the US state of Florida, who wanted to repair a pothole. The hole led to the robbery of a Tunnel for a planned Bank such as the Federal police informed the FBI. Of the approximately 45-Meter-long Tunnel had been dug to a branch of the Chase Bank in the approximately 30 kilometres North of Miami city of Pembroke Pines.

The police had been called, as the road worker noted that the pothole had been caused by the Tunnel. At the time of their inspection of the blow hole they’ve discovered in a nearby forest, nearby the entrance of the tunnel.

FBI investigating attempted Bank Robbery in Florida

“you headed to the Bank, that’s for sure,” said FBI special agent Michael Leverock in Pembroke Pines, with a view to the possible offender. He added: “We know who’s behind it.”

Leverock said in the Tunnel, among other things, pointed had been found in chop, a small wagon and a Generator. He said that several people had dug the Tunnel have a diameter of less than one Meter, and “very claustrophobic”. A man would have to him lying on the belly crawl through.

“I would like to say that I have seen something like in the movies,” said FBI Agent Mike Leverock. “But this hole is so narrow. It is a one-off.”

The US Federal police are now investigating for attempted Bank Robbery.

wue / DPA / AFP