The Wolf celebrates in Germany for quite some time to make a Comeback. In large part, he was since the 19th century. Century exterminated. In Bavaria, one had seen a live specimen for 150 years. But, in the meantime, a pack hangs out here again. It is estimated that around 800 wolves live today in seven of the 16 Federal States of Germany.

Previously recorded conservationists this success. Since the animals returned to the year 2000, has grown its Population by 2015, all twelve months by 36 per cent. The Reintroductions of wolves to be managed mainly because it is since 1990 under the protection of species and protected habitats can live with that. But this assumption, a study of German biologists now under the direction of the wolf researcher Ilka Reinhard in question. The result of their investigation, published in the journal “Conservation Letters”: wolves army training areas in the conservation areas.

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Two wolves goings-on in Germany up to mischief – as before, go to the authorities about it?

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The predators are settled in 13 of the 21 military exclusion zones of at least 30 square kilometers. In the case of nature conservation areas in the same size, there were only eight of 55. The researchers asked themselves the question of how the Wolf was able to spread out within just 15 years, from Saxony to the lower Saxony. After all, the protected areas are several kilometers away from each other. Germany is densely populated.

The biologists found that the first pack of wolves on the practice courts in Saxony have settled. In 2007, two more habitats, 200 kilometers away – in restricted zones. Between 2000 and 2015, originated from 79 new wolf territories and 16 on active military training areas. In protection, only nine Times have been areas, however, habitat of the Wolf, and the remaining 54 areas created in other areas. This finding is interesting, because between Practice areas on average, a distance of 128 kilometres. In protection zones it is only 64 kilometers.

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fear of the “bad Wolf” – it may not be in Germany soon shot down?

By Annette Berger

But why the wolves are now looking for regions where the German army heavy artillery ascends? Forest areas and road density did not play a role, according to the researchers. Since the ratios were almost the same. However, the exercise places far less adversity by hunters threatened the animals. Because the are not allowed to go private on the Prowl. The Federal forest service alone is responsible. The conservation areas are fragmented, however, in private areas, where also much more likely to launch the threat. The researchers therefore recommend that you have to get the military site after its decommissioning, as wolf habitats. The hunting ban must then continue to apply.

Bundeswehr, warns of clashes

in may of 2018, a German army officer to the news Agency dpa reported that wolves had discovered the military training areas as an area for itself. Recommendations for correct conduct in dealing with wolves there were also. In the German magazine “in-house” explained a veterinarian, soldiers should go to the strictly protected wolves out of the way and not to attract. In the case of an encounter, the predators should Call with a loud or other noises to be sold: “Only the Wolf remains of a wild animal.”

source: Conservation Letters