the search for The missing 15-year-old Rebecca from Berlin, drew attention last week on a Detail: the automatic license plate recognition system Kesy and dealing with the resulting data.

Since the beginning of the Millennium, the System is used in Germany. The drivers of the equipment difficult, he can keep it for a Blitzer or for an automatic control for the Truck toll. In fact, however, the systems to capture the number plates of all passing vehicles. By real-time comparison with police databases to, for example, it has been reported as stolen cars or heavy combat crime tracked down.

Kesy-plate Scans in a number of countries

The Kesy plants in several States – and they are highly controversial. In December, the Federal constitutional court declared the actions of the police in Bavaria, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg to be unconstitutional. The right to self-determination over their own data is going to get hurt, the detection of the indicator, in itself, was prejudicial. The subject of the claims only, the provisions in these three States, although other countries use the technology.

Missing 15-Year-old

mark wanted Kesy in the case of Rebecca – that’s why the police is now “pissed off”

in addition, According to research by the portal “Buzzfeed” the System is extremely unreliable and has therefore, in each of the länder error rates of 93 to 98 percent. In addition, it is not going to be used mostly to combat serious crime, but in the area of the everyday crime (e.g., tank-fraud or insurance offense).

In the case of the missing Rebecca seems to have the System working properly. The investigators had at the 6. Of March, notified that the raspberry red Renault Twingo in the suspect’s brother-in-law of the missing girl was two Times in Brandenburg, “a traffic monitoring system on the Federal highway 12 between Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder” was recorded. Once at the 18. January, the day of the disappearance of the young people, at 10: 47, and once a day later, on 19. February, at 22.39 PM. The officials believe that the Suspect was driving. The trips has given the 27-Year-old, according to media reports, compared to his parents-in-law.

the wording of section 36a of the Brandenburg police law

§ 36a event-driven automatic code search

(1) The police may collect the license plate number of vehicles without the Knowledge of the Person by the use of technical means to automate, if

1. this is necessary to avert a present danger to life or limb of any Person,

2. this is necessary to avert a present danger and the conditions for identity determination in accordance with § 12 Abs. 1 no 2 to 4, or

3. a Person or a vehicle in accordance with § 36 Abs. 1 and 1a of the police was justified tendered and facts, the assumption that the tender relevant to the Commission of crimes is imminent.

(2) can be cross-checked The collected data against the risk referred to in paragraph 1 stored in the police data automatically. In the event of a Hit, immediately check the data consistency. In the case of data match, the data may be processed by the police and in the case of paragraph 1 number 3 together with the findings of the Contracting authority will be submitted. Otherwise, you will delete immediately.

(3) for home Affairs responsible member of the government reports to the Parliament annually a report on each measure, the information about the occasion, place, and duration.

the basis for automatic license plate detection in Brandenburg, is Section 36a of the police act in the state. It says: “The police can collect the license plates of vehicles without the Knowledge of the Person through the use of technical means of automation”, among other things, a “present danger to life or limb of a Person” to fend off or to find stolen vehicles.

it Continues: “The data collected can be (…) stored in police data are automatically synchronized. In the event of a Hit, immediately check the data consistency. In the case of data match, the data may be processed by the police and in the case ( … ), together with the findings of the Contracting authority will be communicated.” In clear text: If there is a hit in the police databases that may be stored the detected indicator. The police can stop the vehicle then, for example, and check. the “if you are to delete () immediately , it’s the law”.

Kesy and the case of Rebecca,

The raises in connection with the case of Rebecca, inevitably, a question: If the Twingo of the suspects on 18. and 19. February was recognized by the Kesy system, without that the license plate was advertised to these time points in the investigation, why it was not deleted immediately, as provided for in the law? In the case of the first collection Rebecca was not reported to the police as missing – in spite of the Berlin investigators could ask, apparently, a subsequent comparison of the data.

On demand at the police headquarters in Potsdam, a spokeswoman explained that it had acted in this case is simply the result of a “fortunate circumstance”. “The data from the license plate recognition have been saved because of a completely different investigation on a judicial decision,” the spokesperson of the police to the star. “Only, therefore, the data calibration could be carried out with the mark of the Twingos.” The procedure had nothing to do with the case of Rebecca, or the suspect’s brother-in-law. A retention is not allowed, because it was in the case of automatic license plate recognition a measure that can be used purely to avert danger, the officer next.

case Rebecca Reusch

media report: drug deal is reason for suspect in drive by Florian R.

In 2017, the police in Brandenburg, took advantage of the automatic password characters search in a total of 126 cases, and scored 22 goals, as can be seen from the annual report of the state government the issue. In a Review of police practice in the year 2016, the country’s data protection has no evidence of privacy breaches on the part of the investigating officer obtained authorities.

the Extent to which the detection of the Twingos of the suspects to help the case, Rebecca to clarify is, however, still unclear. According to ACCinstimme media, the accused brother-in-law’s silent required to report to the investigators. The father of the schoolgirl he did say, however, that he had been due to drug shops on the A12 on the way, reports the “Bild”newspaper. With the Disappearance of the young people on his trips have done nothing to the officials of the Berlin homicide doubt.

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