On title pages, in television broadcasts, in the Facebook-Stream – the photo of the missing schoolgirl Rebecca is almost ubiquitous. Hardly a criminal case in the recent past provides as much public resonance. That is good and right. Because in spite of the assumption of the investigators that the 15-Year-old was killed, there is still a glimmer of hope that she is found somewhere alive. The photo can help.

The image of Rebecca shows a young people with an attractive Exterior: painted, with full lips and large eyes, the hair carefully styled. And a Filter is over the image, as it is on platforms such as Instagram usual. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” describes the recording as a “fifteen-year-old, looks like the dream version of a young Brigitte Bardot in the role of Lolita.”

police released two photos of Rebecca Fullscreen

The second of the police-provided photo of Rebecca: dark and in low resolution

©police Berlin

In the social networks is fierce on the official mugshot discussed, the star editorial staff reached several letters: What does this picture with the real appearance of Rebecca? Would they recognize you from the photo at a meeting? Why publish media, of all things, this is the image for the search for the girl?

In Social Media profiles from the environment of Rebecca find countless other shots of her: time, similarly styled, to natural. On some pictures she looks younger, on the other, in turn, has a completely different hairstyle.

media such as the star can’t publish just any on the Internet searched photos. Here, above all, copyright issues play a role. For the publication of specifically exclusively by the police are released first, to search out given images. The officials of the press were on 21. 23. February, two photos of Rebecca: The well-known, and one that is present only in very low resolution and, therefore, less suitable for the search.

Ultimately, the members of

But why is published the police are not simply a different, possibly more appropriate photo? The answer: It is not the investigators, decide which photo is wanted. For a simple reason. The officials do not know the Person you are looking for in the rule, so, also, on what picture is best. “We therefore ask the members to provide us with a suitable photo available. We can’t scroll in such cases, the family album, or browse Facebook Profiles, but have to rely on the family,” says Dirk Peglow, Vice-Chairman of the Federation of German criminal officials in an interview with the star, on the approach of his colleagues. “The photo should be current, so the current appearance of the Desired reflect. And that can only assess the family. In the best case, the requested Person in the picture is wearing the same clothes as when you Disappear.”

and not just in the visibility

In cooperation with the families a lot of tact of the officials was necessary, the police-man who has self-determined in many of the missing cases. “The people suffer in such situations, very much under the impression of the action.”

The assumption of some Internet users that a search image will be selected according to the attractiveness of facial points, thereby attracting as much attention, Peglow: “police officers are no thoughts. It is merely a question of the Person you are looking for is possible.”

Here’s the mug calling the Berlin police.

here you can read more on the case of Rebecca:

Rebecca’s father is expressed in the TV and makes a puzzling suggestion of calling in “aktenzeichen XY”: The most important statements of the chief investigator, on the case of Rebecca investigators believe the Missing Rebecca has not lead to leave the house of her brother-in-law this car, and the fleece blanket to the missing Rebecca?Family of missing Rebecca is not giving up – neither the hope nor the cohesion, suspicion of manslaughter: brother-in-law of missing Rebecca in custody in fear of Rebecca goes on – what the detainee knows?Almost 100 notes and not a trace: family of missing Rebecca with desperate appeals