“The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann” is the title of the Netflix streams since last Friday, an eight-part documentary, which deals with exactly this question: Under what circumstances, the little British girl disappeared Madeleine McCann? The day that the life of her parents and her two younger siblings revolutionized completely, is now almost twelve years old: Maddie was on the evening of the 3. In may 2007, not in your bed, as their mother Kate to the three-year-old wanted to see.

the scene was the small town of Praia da Luz in the Algarve during a family holiday, the McCanns friends. The parents were sitting in a Tapas Bar in your resort, the sleeping children, is within walking distance to the Apartment. Mother of Kate is under control during the eating speed of the children – but only the younger twins slept soundly. By Maddie no trace.


Gerry and Kate McCann, which is one month after the Disappearance of their daughter at a press conference. Maddie’s parents are by her fate of true media professionals.

©Soeren Stache, DPA, The case of Madeleine McCann – the perfect fabric for a Crime series

The girl has since disappeared, and it remained until today. Whether the child was killed or kidnapped, there is still hardly valid evidence. The case is so mysterious, that he is apparently excellent as a material for an entertainment series. The streaming service Netflix, more than 20 million euros in one and a half years, rotary has invested thought.

As a viewer you would expect from a documentary about the case, Maddie, the main protagonist, the parents, in direct Interviews position. But that is not the case. Kate and Gerry McCann to come in the eight-part series to word, but there are parts from older film clips and TV Interviews, which are shown here. Directly Netflix, spoke with the McCanns, and the reason for this, the Couple said a few days before the start of the series on your Website “findmadeleine.com”.

parents can not recognize, “how this mission in the search for Madeleine

In a skimpy entry of 6 could help”. March there read that the McCanns have been asked by Netflix, the documentary part, but this is rejected: “We were able to and still cannot see how this show could help in the search for Madeleine”, is there to read. In view of the fact that there is an ongoing police investigation of the case, it could be even a hindrance. Their views on the Disappearance of their daughter would not occur, therefore, in “The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann,” said the parents.

Why, exactly, the documentary could be in the search for Madeleine to be a hindrance, not explain, the McCanns in your short Statement. It seems that you didn’t want to get involved more on a discussion of the series. The learned doctors are become by the fate of true media professionals. With great effort, you are looking for since the fateful night in may 2007 after their child, have found sponsors for the expensive Research and after a few years, a resumption of the Case, including by Scotland Yard reached.

disappeared Since then their daughter, they used the press to search for their daughter, and were even a guest in the German show “aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst”. There is a spokesperson, a Website and a sophisticated press strategy – this lights the Netflix documentary quite extensively.

But in this series, the McCanns have gathered from TV reports of the time, re-enacted scenes and Interviews of people who were somehow involved in the case wanted no Part.

A criminal case, is told according to the rules of dramaturgy-art

but Why is the Netflix series in the search for their daughter, even a hindrance? To come closer to an answer to this question, you have to see the show. Big room takes the Actions of the McCanns, the handling of Kate and Gerry McCann with the media and the Portuguese police. And The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann is told “” according to dramaturgical rules which will have the effect to keep the audience at the bar. So the exact sequences of the fateful night, which could be in the investigation of the Case helpful to get temporarily into the Background.

shed some light on the allegations against the parents, which was accused of the death of their daughter, accidentally causes the wider. And this is also done according to all rules of the art of film. For a long time now, and it is coming as a spectator, in fact, the statement, the McCanns would have given her daughter a high dose of a sleep aid, and the dead girl then disappear.

search for 15-Year-olds

brother-in-law of the missing Rebecca in custody

Also, the Portuguese investigator Goncalo Amaral speaks at length, claiming that Madeleine’s parents should be for the death of their daughter responsible. He was replaced during the investigation and seems to be a true enemy of the McCanns. His accusations seem catty – but you have to watch the series far enough. You have to stay tuned to see how the proven to be unfounded – originated accusations against the parents, and how this theory was refuted. From the point of view of Gerry and Kate McCann, this Episode may be found as an unnecessary loop seem to contribute nothing to your daughter. From the point of view of the viewer of the Part to the accusations against the parents of exciting entertainment.

friends of the McCanns coming in the Netflix series to word

Ultimately, it is perhaps not quite correct, that the view of the couple McCann is not reflected in the documentary. Because there are friends and relatives well come to the word and the people who were directly involved in the search for the girls in the order of the pair.

“The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann” remains but before all of that, what you expect from a Netflix series: it is a exciting entertainment that brings a broad Public the case of Madeleine closer. Not less but also not more.

sources: findmadeleine.com, BBC, Netflix