Why Should Selling Human Organs Be Illegal?

Selling Human Organs Be Illegal
Selling Human Organs Be Illegal

Nowadays there is a lot of trend in every country of the world to preserve the kidneys and other organs for transplantation processes. Many people suffer from terminal diseases and getting an organ transplant is their only solution. Although this is right to an extent some people are misusing this opportunity for their illegal means. Human trafficking is at its peak already, but human organ trafficking is also catching up in an extensive way.

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Mostly poor people are prone to such adversities; they sell their organs for money by will at times or are tricked into getting their organ taken through surgeries without them knowing. This is an extremely troubling topic for all the doctors and common people alike. Some doctors are promoting this thought as they will selling organs can save the lives of millions of people. While others still see it as an inhuman act. WHO to have tried some of their best efforts to protect the poor by giving them ample facilities if they are up for selling their organs.

 Poverty is the main cause which should be eliminated to stop such practices. If a donor is willing to help a sick person that may be understandable but people who are tricked into selling their organ are to be protected. Some countries like Philipines, China and Egypt have banned the selling of human organs calling it illegal while some other countries still debate without reaching a true conclusion. Whether the selling of human organs is illegal or not is a tricky question altogether.

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There are many people in the USA who are suffering from kidney diseases, thousands are there on the waiting list looking for the right donor. If we save their lives it means playing with the life of an innocent. The need for organ in growing two folds and with new technology doctors can save the lives of their patients by transplanting the organs. Such sales of organs are considered illegal in the USA but all the hidden activities are going on for year altogether. Some take benefit of it as they are in need, while some people think of it only as a business to get millions of money. What do you think about it folks?

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