The speech is Either they taste mealy and dry, unpleasant, sweet-rancid, are already Mature, or you bite on a core, which spoils the whole pleasure of the mandarins.

Yes, you are a great Vitamin boost for the cold Season. Full of Vitamin C, sodium, iron, zinc and Magnesium. Often mandarins are set with Clementines the same, but differ again.

The Mandarin is, in a sense, the Ur-citrus fruit, the Clementine is a Hybrid, so a cross of the tangerine and the bitter orange. Here you can read more about the difference between a tangerine, Clementine and Satsuma!

Satsuma – the Oh so delicious Mandarin orange

Whom has fallen but the hand of the Mandarin, but the Freshness and juiciness of the Orange is missing, the had been a Problem. That is over now. Because now there are to get better and better with Mandarin. It’s called Satsuma, and is a cross of Mandarin and Orange. It is as small as a tangerine and peel as easy as the relatives citrus fruit. But the flavor of Orange in anything. Another advantage: Satsumas do not have cores.

Originally, the Satsuma originates from southern Japan. There is already since the 17th century. Century grown. In Europe, it was only in the 19th century. Century known. Nowadays, you get Satsumas from Spain, Korea, Turkey, Sicily, South Africa and South America. In Japan, fruit is the most important Citrus. 62.5 percent of the citrus cultivated area.

you must buy, there are Satsumas at the market or at the organic Shop, and in well-stocked supermarkets. They can be easily confused with limes, because often the peel of Satsumas is still slightly green, you can enjoy it anyway.

if you don’t buy citrus fruits in organic quality, should you rinse better under hot water. On the shell could be residues of pesticides from the cultivation.