“classified – for official use Only” emblazoned on the 400 pages of the protection of the Constitution-Advisory opinion to the AfD. It is classified as a secret document, the “information by Unauthorised persons to the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany or one of its countries can be detrimental,” as it is said in the security review law.

The protection of the Constitution had informed in a press conference and a press release about the key findings of its examination, the entire report but not provided. However, it came in Parts or in its entirety at several media reported in some detail about its content. (Read about it here in the star: “the protection of the Constitution report: the biggest danger is by the AfD”.)

“Netzpolitik.org” published by AfD-opinion

Now the journalists of the portal “netpolitik.org further” a step. They published the entire text of the document on the Internet. “The only way the reader can, but there are also other journalists a picture of your own make”, said Markus Reuter, one of the responsible of the “network policy”-editors of the star. Reuter, criticised the fact that too few media have gone this way.

National assessment

The AfD is now a “test case” for the protection of the Constitution – what it actually means?

The protection of the Constitution-analysis was “an important document of contemporary history”, argued the creators of the portal. The report, destroy the “myth of the normal democratic party” and belonged “in the Public and not in a tank Cabinet”. One of the reasons: “the fact That a secret service observed a political party, is a hard engagement in a democracy. Therefore, the findings need to be negotiated publicly. Where authorities refuse transparency, need to media to make this information public, contrary to state Secrecy.”

In the Federal government, the actions of the journalists of expectation thrust in accordance with. It was “a pity if such documents reach the Public,” a spokesman of the Federal interior Ministry. There should be evidence that criminal penalties were necessary, then these would be taken. It remained unclear against whom they are directed. In question about the allegation of treason against the journalists or the betrayal of official secrets against government employees. The spokesman acknowledged, to know how the opinions of the journalists. The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution did not want to comment on the incident.

The AfD intends to launch, in any case, legal steps. In the party Central currently, a criminal will be prepared for display, as a spokesman for the party announced on the star request. Against whom they should be directed in the first place, he could not say.

party criticized the protection of the Constitution

The party took advantage of the publication, however, to request service of legal consequences for the recently established secret service chief Thomas Haldenwang. “As Supreme authorities, the head must wear Mr Haldenwang the consequences of that obviously, by the staff of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, a confidential classified information to the media was given,” said AfD Deputy Georg Pazderski. Group head of Alice ryegrass called the possible piercing of the paper to the media a “questionable maneuvers” and branded the report as “thin and frivolous”.

in Berlin

the protection of the Constitution AfD declared nationwide to the test case – Höcke-wing is the suspected case


“network policy”-founder Markus Beckedahl said sarcastically on Twitter: “The AfD is very indignant that we have made the protection of the Constitution report to their democracy and Constitution in hostility online. Sorry about that. We thought, the AfD will be glad if you can inform more people about the topic.”

Any legal action, whether by the Federal government or the AfD – see the “network policy”journalists left. It is a large public interest in the document, there is an editor Markus Reuter informed the star. That “the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany or one of its” countries could suffer as a result of the publication of the disadvantages, as it makes the classification a matter of fear, can not identify the Journalist. “Quite the contrary,” said Reuter. “Post-war Germany, the country already has some rights, right-wing and extreme right-wing parties experienced, but never since the rupture of Civilization in the Holocaust had a right radical so much and resources as it is today. As the Federal German democracy is responding to the AfD, is one of the Central questions of our time.”

“For the publication of the original text, we will stand, if necessary, in a court of law”, he reiterated the stance of its editors.

Already in 2015, the former chief Federal Prosecutor Harald Range opened with the Knowledge of the Federal government, a preliminary investigation on the charge of treason against the journalists of the portal. Previously, there parts of a confidential classified information of the constitutional protection for Internet Monitoring have been published. Associations of journalists saw in the actions of the investigators launched a massive attack on the freedom of the press, there were demonstrations and solidarity actions. In the course of the public discussion Range was forced into retirement. Also, the then President of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution Hans-Georg Maassen, was, at the time, under pressure, was allowed to remain in office.

sources: safety review of the law, “Netzpolitik.org” Alice ryegrass in Facebook, Markus Beckedahl on Twitter, DPA news Agency