unveiling the video is a burden on the Austrian Vice-Chancellor and FPÖ-leader Heinz-Christian Strache difficult: According to information from “Spiegel” and “SZ” represents Strache a supposed Investor from Russia in the fact of public procurement in view – if you are the FPÖ in the election campaign support. The unveiling video was recorded in the year 2017, apparently secretly in a house on Ibiza. The controversial recordings were leaked to the editors of the “mirror” and “SZ” according to their own information and their authenticity tested. You have decided not to name the origin of the Videos, for reasons of source protection.


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“So drunk no one can be”: How Austrian press commented on the Strache scandal

yesterday’s publication of the records led to a political earthquake in Austria: Strache described the Video in a statement Saturday as a “political assassination” and offered his resignation. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) will accept the offer, he explained. In his statement, he also mentioned the German satirist Jan böhmermann – you will examine the context in which he is standing with the Video.

böhm’s Manager expresses

The reason for the Utterance is likely to be a video message from the satirist from the April. Jan böhmermann had made at the ceremony for the Austrian TV award Romy hints to the case – to a time when the recordings were not released yet. Bohemian man said at the time, he could not pick up the prize in person because he was “coked up pretty and Red Bull-fueled with a couple of right-wing business friends in one of the Russian oligarchs-Villa in Ibiza, hang out.” He pleads as straight as he could, the “Kronen Zeitung”, you will not be allowed to talk about it but. For his appearance he has been criticised in the Austrian media at the time, sharp. He was accused of, he trusted the Austrian government.

As the Bohemian’s Manager, Peter Burtz, the news Agency DPA, confirmed, knew, the satirist, the delicate Video already a few weeks ago. He denied, however, that the recordings of böhm man had been offered. Since he had not been offered, he has rejected you also. How did Czech man knew the recordings, not, know, he said Burtz.

Also the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) is a reference to the Statements of böhm’s in April. At “this point in time, the existence of the video, apparently, already a number of people known to not have learned from the SZ,” – said in a article. “One of this group of people information, Jan Böhmermann, according to SZ -.”

the Bohemian man has not even spoken to the recordings. On Twitter, he published yesterday evening, only the Link to a music video from the Vengaboys. The Name of the Single: “We’re going to Ibiza”.

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