Piero Brogi stands in the harsh Wind outside in St. Peter’s square. “Raped at the age of nine” on his white hoodie. “I’m extremely disappointed, but I expected nothing else,” says the 55-Year-old. Just Pope Francis has delivered a speech, which had been classified prior to as a barometer for his pontificate. For Brogi of the Anti-abuse summit in the Vatican, however, was the “x-te PR-action, in order to smooth the waves, but no facts”. The Italian Brogi is not alone with his judgement. “Disappointment”, a “fiasco” and “shameless” are the words that fall now.

Francis has had the Chance, this Sunday a new Chapter for the Catholic Church. He had loaded the tops of the bishops ‘ conferences of the world for four days to Rome, to find a way out of the crisis, which has shaken the Church for years. Maybe the expectations were just from countries such as Germany, in fact, too high. But the closing speech, the Argentine kept, was astonished, but then many.

Certainly, he continued with his word choice strong accents against the “abomination” of abuse. But where are the concrete measures to be taken against abuse by Catholic clergy, he had demanded at the beginning of the conference itself? Where was the view of the system of Church that many experts make for the ill-treatment of children responsible? Where was the clear line?

Missing girl

scary discovery in the Vatican: it is the bones of Emanuela Orlandi?


“We have this commitment to combat the abuse, have often heard. When and how, this is what we need to hear – in Detail,” tweeted the Irish woman Marie Collins, who was himself a victim of abuse. You sat in the Pontifical child protection Commission, before they left this out of frustration over their ineffectiveness. Of a “missed opportunity” speaks to Matthias Katsch of the German victim protection Association Rectangular table, which brought in Germany, the revelations about ten years ago.

the end of the conference remain vague,

Although the Vatican announced concrete consequences, which should be announced in the coming days. A “practical guide” so that the bishops clearly taught that they, too, bear responsibility. Also, a Task Force should be formed “competent persons” to assist the local churches. However, the conclusion of the conference remains vague.

abuse summit at the Vatican

abuse in churches – the dark reminder of the BAP singer Wolfgang Niedecken


Instead of having to deal immediately and clearly the fault of the Church, the Pope, to abuse as a General social Problem. He spoke of parents, sports coaches, and Relatives, who were guilty of abuse. Then he speaks of sex tourism and the Internet, where paedophiles to children quickly. Of the Church no-one is there still.

Even if he comes in then on the particular gravity of the guilt of the Church as a moral authority, which is understood actually as the loving mother: The discourse about the global Problem of a smack abuse nevertheless. The Signal to the victims: I am talking about the Problem out of the way before I deal with my own.

As so often, Francis comes to “to speak Evil” that lies behind the abuse. “The consecrated Person, ( … ), of their human weakness or disease, enslave, and becomes a tool of Satan.” Abuse of the Pope compares it with the pagan Ritual of sacrificing people. There are no adequate explanations for the abuse of children, says the Pope.

Continue klüngelde men’s clubs in the Church

For many critics, there is, however, possible explanations for this: The power structure, the klüngelden men’s clubs in the Church, the lack of involvement of lay people, women and Non-clerics in the investigation or the often institutionalized secrecy, the favored cover-up. If anything, it strips the Pope of these issues. He also speaks to the Central demand of many victims, to release the guilty priests from the Clergy.

Instead, he speaks of a “righteousness, delusion, which is caused by the feelings of guilt due to the past mistakes and the pressure of the media world.” Journalists, he suggests, “calculus”, and accuses them to use the “of the Small lived dramas” for their own purposes.

“were My expectations to Zero, but also were under the steps,” said Thomas Schüller, Director of the Institute for Canon law at the University of Münster. He sees the whole of the pontificate of Pope Francis “at the end”, “in the sense that Francis is not remembered as a reform Pope in the history, but as a Keeper”. His ultra-conservative critics, was not Francis at the summit of the forehead.

For the Church in Germany, the Meeting offered the insight that lags in other countries are still very behind and that this gap is now being worked up, maybe. It was clear from the outset that in Germany the hot discussed topics such as celibacy or sexual morality of the Church stand at the summit debate.

step in the right direction?

Also the Chairman of the German bishops ‘ conference, cardinal Reinhard Marx, had pointed out time and again to unrealistic expectations. His lecture on the topic of transparency was greeted with great praise in the international press. He spoke to open file destruction in the Church, put forward concrete demands for more openness. The papal secret had the subject of abuse to the test. Although Marx said on Sunday that he has withdrawn after the Meeting a “positive balance sheet”. But also it will be clear that many of the faithful had hoped for at his home more.

The German Church, we can encourage now only abuse to be “more consistent than the Pope” counter and the “Elite”, so canonist Schüller.

The lay movement We are Church in spite of everything, an important step in the right direction. “Pope John Paul II had negated the issue. Joseph Ratzinger had tried to put everything under a veil of secrecy and to join in the congregation of the faith,” – said in a statement. “Now, Francis, the first Pope, the the work tries as offensive as any of its predecessors, and against many Resistances in the Church, what has been swept for decades under the carpet.”

fin / Annette Reuther and Lena Klimkeit / DPA