supposed to be British, after Brexit, the UK’s exit from the European Union visa-free in EU countries can enter. This has been specifically agreed, the device to a media report, according to falter. The result is that British tourists may have to 52 pounds (about 60 Euro) to pay for a EU visa, you should be found no agreement. The British “Guardian” reported.

Background should be a controversial footnote in the planned EU Visa regulation. There, the British Gibraltar, which is situated on a promontory on the southern coast of Spain is referred to as a “colony”. Gibraltar is under the sovereignty of great Britain to the territory in the South of the Iberian Peninsula but also to Spain. The “colony”-a footnote has been included at the request of the Spanish government and with the – albeit reluctant – approval of all other EU governments in the agreement. The UK refused to do this formally.

On Wednesday morning, the EU has refused Parliament the proposed Visa regulation due to the controversial footnote. Thus, the regime is on the Brink.

dispute a word

According to “the Guardian” criticized the footnote, in the Gibraltar as a “colony” is referred to, by members of the EU Parliament. Spain, “playing with fire” – quoted by “the Guardian” the Czech MP Petr Ježek – ironically, shortly before the planned exit date in the UK (29. March). The “colonial language” was no longer of this time. Claude Moraes, Rapporteur of the UK government in the EU Parliament, called the wording “legally and politically completely unnecessary”. A spokeswoman for Prime Minister Theresa May said that Gibraltar was “a full part of the UK family.”

conflict in Northern Ireland

bombs and smugglers – like the Brexit in Ireland, old Fears


The EU Parliament is now planning to replace the corresponding footnote by a different formulation. Now would be a “controversy between great Britain and Spain,” in the Gibraltar question. In the UK according to the Guardian, an agreement in time to achieve känne. You don’t reckon that the British will have to enter Germany with a Schengen Visa in the EU.

In the case of a child Brexits, so with the signing of a withdrawal agreement, and an agreement to Gibraltar-footnote, would be British citizens by 2021 without a visa to enter the EU. After that, the UK would be a kind of exception list, which is about eight euros for a three-year stay in the EU will have to be paid. There is no agreement, would the British led for the time being, as Non-Europeans and the appropriate Schengen would have to need visa for 90 days and around 60 Euro for entry.

little progress in Brexit negotiations

in view of the chaotic situation of the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn urges five weeks before the Brexit, the UK government, to seek together a way out. The Prime Minister, Theresa May should give up their red lines, demanded that the Labour leader ahead of a visit to Brussels on Thursday.

Previously, had spoken of May in Brussels with EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker once again about possible solutions for the EU exit, but no breakthrough achieved. After the Meeting, it was said, the conversation was constructive, you keep talking and I will meet before the end of the month. On Thursday Brexit-Minister Stephen Barclay and attorney General Geoffrey Cox should resume the talks in Brussels.

the UK wants the EU on 29. March leave – but there is still no consensus of the exit contract is in sight. In mid-January, the agreement was found in the British Parliament, not a majority. May want to rework, to get it ratified. The EU rejects Changes to the Treaty, but strictly.

sources: “the Guardian”, With Material of the DPA news Agency