“If you look at the matter, there is no longer outrage,” says Kristina Schröder. The matter, in the ARD Talk show “Hard but fair” is being debated (and your thesis, which will later provide for indignation): men earn more money than women for the same work due to justifiable reasons, such as the former Minister for family Affairs of the CDU. Schröder’s Position on the topic of discussion is “women under pressure, the men in charge of: Everything like always?”: “Every inequality is not the same injustice.”

on the occasion of the discussion of the “Equal Pay Day”, a day of action on grievances such as these to the attention of: is, women earn, on average, 21 percent less per hour than men. You are less likely to be in leadership positions. Work in Occupations that are paid less. And even in the case of similar activities – if so, factors such as the part-time work, out – earn women an average of six percent less than men.

Kristina Schröder speaks of the “free” choices and “other preferences” in women

Why, explained Schröder, among others, and in a nutshell: men are studying the better-paid boxes, to negotiate self-aware of their content, the tearing of more unpaid Overtime – while women would meet others, but “free” decisions, and often other preferences. Women would be, “that the working hours are flexible” and you “could go on time out at 16”. “There are different preferences of the genders and I can find nothing I can be outraged.”

The network. In the comment columns in the case of Twitter there for their statements, the former Minister for family Affairs is quite unusual, therefore, to be powerful against wind.