With Joshua Trump has invited US President Donald Trump a young namesake of his speech on the state of the Nation. The eleven-year-old was even known internationally, because he was being bullied because of his last name in school. The sixth klässer from Wilmington in the US state of Delaware may science, art and history, writes the White house in a short portrait of young, which is now conducted under the Name of his father Berto.

American school

student is bullied because of his last name, Trump – now he can change him

Joshua love animals and would deal with it later professionally with animals. His “Hero and best friend” was his uncle Cody, who serves in the U.S. air force. “Unfortunately, Joshua has been because of his last name in school being bullied,” it says in the description of the White house. “He and the First Lady and the family Trump is grateful for their support.” Whether the well-intentioned gesture will be helpful for the students, remains to be seen. The State of the Union will be transferred to the US on live TV.

Donald Trump: guest list as a political Statement

Donald trump’s state of the Union speech before the US Congress on Tuesday night (local time) is expected with voltage. They had been delayed because of a bitter dispute with the US Democrats to the financing of a border wall to Mexico, a week-long Government shutdown in the USA had given. The speaker of the house of representatives, the Demokration Nancy Pelosi, had as lady of the house Trump in the meantime, even unloaded – and this is on the grounds that because of the shutdown, the safety is not guaranteed. A huge Affront to every U.S. President. Briefly Trump had not considered whether he hold prestigious, most important speech of the year at the traditional place. The Shutdown is currently suspended, so that Trump can keep the State of the Union in the house of representatives. Politically, Trump might declare during the speech, the proclamation of a state of emergency, to allow the construction of the border wall and to prevent a Re-recording of the shutdown.

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The President, the First Lady and members of Congress are allowed to invite to the State of the Union guests. Often, the selection includes an explicit political message. Among the more than ten guests Melania and Donald Trump Joshua Trump:

The policeman Timothy Mason, who was several times wounded, as he wanted a stop to Protect the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, in addition to the students. In the case of the assassination of eleven people were killed.Holocaust Survivor Judah Samet, who also survived the attack on the synagogue in Pittsburgh.Relatives of an elderly couple, Gerald and Sharon David from Nevada was killed by an illegal immigrant. Alice Johnson, who was convicted of drug trafficking and money laundering to life imprisonment, of Donald Trump, after 20 years of imprisonment, was pardoned, after Reality Star Kim Kardashian was used for the now 63-Year-old.Ashley Evans, who was cured of their Opioid dependence. The Opioid crisis is one of the most deadly drug epidemics in the USA caused by prescription pain medication.The nine-year-old Grace Eline, who has survived with a lot of courage and positive emanation of a brain tumor.

sources: AFP, the White house, “The Hill”