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Why does my business need SEO?

For most entrepreneurs, their business is like their own child and, they treat them with care and fairness. Most parents are offended when someone tries to give them advice on how to educate their children and, likewise, entrepreneurs are often reluctant to receive advice on how to run their businesses.

Why should I take my child to the psychologist? Or why does my business need SEO? These are questions that we can ask ourselves depending on the opinions we have heard and, as they seem serious matters, we begin to ask ourselves whether we should take them into account.

We are not experts in children or in education, so we cannot give any advice to parents who are reading us, but we can guide those entrepreneurs who wonder if SEO is really necessary for their business. In this post we will try to explain clearly and simply why a business needs SEO, we do not doubt it. If you are looking for a reliable SEO company, look at

Companies must be present on the Internet

According to some studies carried out by the INE for 2014, 99.2% of men and 97.5% of women between 16 and 24 years old use the Internet regularly. The percentages decrease somewhat as age increases, but they are still strong figures: 94.2% of women and 93.2% of men between 25 and 34 years old and 90.4% of women and 89 3% of men between the ages of 35 and 44 are regular Internet users. Older people are also regular Internet users, with the lowest percentage being that of women between 65 and 74 years of age, who, even so, account for 21.5% of the total.

With these overwhelming data, it is unthinkable that any company that wants to have weight in society and open a gap between buyers does not consider being present on the Internet. This is the first phase, the one that almost all entrepreneurs are clear about, but the point is that it is not worth just being there.

Companies must be well positioned in search engines

To the above statistics we must add the fact that around 93% of Internet users use search engines when it comes to finding products and services. Therefore, having a Web page is only the beginning, it must also be optimized in such a way that it appears in the first search results that users make.

SEO plays an essential role in the fact that a website has visibility thanks to being in the first search results. We must not forget that SEO is part of the marketing of a company and that, like advertising campaigns in the press or television, today it is essential to advertise in a medium that has more users every day.

The advantage of SEO over traditional advertising campaigns is that the cost is much lower and the return on investment is really good, some experts place it at 75%. The main reason is that traditional marketing is carried out in a more general way, with few possibilities of adaptation to a specific company, while online marketing allows adapting strategies and, above all, budget to the needs and capacities of each company.

SEO adapts your message to the evolution of the market

When a company works on SEO, it is working in a dynamic environment, which changes depending on the needs of the market and also of the users. If we limit ourselves to making an announcement and publishing it in some audiovisual medium, or even in an online communication medium, it will end up becoming obsolete sooner or later. However, if we develop an SEO strategy we will be putting the emphasis on the evolution of our website and our offer to always give priority to what users expect of us.

Our intention today is to make entrepreneurs aware that investing in SEO is not wasting money, but rather making an investment that will return many benefits in the future.

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