Why do mosquitoes bite me? What is attractive to them?

mosquitoes bite me
mosquitoes bite me

No kidding, the mosquito is one of the main predators of the human, contributes to more than 725 thousand deaths a year. But why do mosquitoes bite us? There is still a rumour that these insects are guided by the sweet blood of their prey but science has other answers.

According to research published by scientist Timothy Winegard, there are a number of characteristics that make some people more likely to suffer from mosquito bites. The research was disseminated by Science Insider in a video.

Every year 390 million dengue infections occur worldwide

dengue infections

What smell attracts them?

A good option for not being a victim of mosquitoes is body odour, because, says Science Insider, the level of bacteria in the skin increases and makes you less attractive to these insects. The opposite happens with deodorants and perfumes that make you a delicacy for them

Does your blood matter?

Winegard’s results determine that mosquitoes do not select their prey because of their skin color but that it is more common to bite people who have blood type O. Also, it indicates that mosquitoes prefer those who have higher levels of lactic acid. on the skin

Beer to fight them?

According to published information, beer is a bad ally to keep these insects away. Because people who drink a lot of alcohol usually raise their body temperature, which increases ethanol in sweat, a compound that also attracts them.

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