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Why Cameron Diaz says she has found “peace” after retiring from acting

Many fans were really unhappy to find out that Cameron Diaz has announced her retirement from movies. She stated this in one of her recent interviews but people cannot stop thinking about why she made such hasty decisions. Cameron believes that now is the time she wants to focus on her family relationships and become self-sufficient as movies are very demanding. She further explained that quitting movies has given her peace of mind which was hard to achieve in the long run.

Cameron Diaz quits movies after a successful career

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Cameron was up close and personal to let her fans know that she has decided to quit the film industry for good. The news came out as a big surprise for her fans while some still support her decision saying what she did was right for her. She explained that she took this decision as she wanted to take a break from all the hard work she has been doing for the films for so many years now. Cameron wants to concentrate on her life and give time to her. She explained that after meeting Benj she didn’t realize how they got married so quickly and moving away from the hard work of movies seems pretty good decision now. According to Cameron a lot of energy is required to be in front of the camera and give all you need.

It drained her energy while moving from one set to the other and spend the rest of the time clicking photos and doing interviews. When you are working on a film it takes all the hours in a day and there is hardly anything else you can do mentally and physically. Actors are seen as an object where everything is prepared for them and she doesn’t like it all anymore. She wants to be self-sufficient again where no help is required from others and many fans are totally connecting with what she has to say.

There are many fans who still believe that they will miss her acting and moving away from the films totally isn’t really the right choice. Some fans have even been suspecting that is there something more to it and hope that she has not taken this decision out of pressure from her new husband. However, Cameron truly believes that she wants to put all the pieces of her life together and live her life to the fullest without any pressures.

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Is quitting the industry the right choice for Cameron?

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Many people including fans and various sections of media have mixed responses regarding the decision made by Cameron. However, she seems determined to believe that whatever she has done is right. She did come out of her comfort zone and break when she appeared in stunt women Zoë Boss bitch fight challenge video. The video gained a good response from everyone and everyone loved to see her back on screen too. The video featured many other Hollywood actresses who took part in the stunt video. The filming was done during quarantine and went viral in a very short time as it was Cameron’s first appearance after 2014.

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