My godfather would love to become like an actor. He had a lot of Talent, loved the language and was on stage at an event. But my grandfather held the artistic vein of his son, for a whim, was strongly opposed, that he was a “useless art” form. So he was an economist. Successfully, he was also there, but deep in his heart he mourns the loss of a career on the boards, which meant to him the world then.

My youngest daughter Holly answered already in the Kindergarten, to the spur of the moment, to the question of what she wanted to be for once: “I would like to bring on a stage making people Laugh.” Carolin Kebekus can go calmed down in retirement, Holly.

Frank Behrendt: The Guru of Serenity Thomas Rabsch

Frank Behrendt (55) is one of the best-known communications consultants in Germany. Recently, the man who’s always in a good mood, was awarded as a “PR head of the year” with the International German PR award in 2017. The graduate of the German school of journalism, was a Top Manager in the music industry, television, and in large agencies. His book “love your life and NOT your Job” became directly after the publication of the economic Bestseller. More info: Direct dialogue: [email protected]

As we were in the autumn holidays to travel, we thought of early on in the family circle, bringing our young talent might make sense to distribute the school-free time. Researchers at the Cologne Zoo, Judo and Tennis Camps were on the program. Holly wanted to be in the second week, on the stage.

So I drove them every Morning to Bonn-to-Year Beuel a Workshop of the 6 – to 9 -. 16 girls and boys were taught by the passionate actress Kerstin for a week. Holly Rapunzel, pirate, witch and even dog – in the role of a Golden Retriever. Whenever I go to pick up my Youngest in the sample space on the site of the old Wallpaper factory, beamed over the whole face. During the trip I hardly got a word in, which is really very rare.

My wife and I do not belong truly to the parents who want to put their children in a certain direction, certainly not to be any children of the stars. But we want to give you all the possibilities to give a try to discover which talents and passions stuck in them. Our little superstar Holly, which is often like after dinner, our own little Shows for the Best, seems to have been to the performing arts, distinct pleasure of.

The acting Workshop has motivated you, apparently. As you heard, the professional Ensemble of the Junges Theater Bonn is celebrating in these days the Premiere of the play “The robber Hotzenplotz” – was Holly, as a direct replacement for the role of the grandmother, if the first cast fails. To be on the case of perfectly prepared, it has borrowed – very professional – from your grandma, the old coffee mill.