The latest ZDF-political barometer, has delivered a clear amount: 52 percent of Germans want to the end of the annual time change a life in the “eternal” summer time. The EU has decided so far only, that the yearly time changes, 2021; is open, which time is to apply in the individual EU member States then in the future, over the entire twelve months of the year. For Germany, the funds would be European time, short-time, CET, which we refer to today as “winter time”. But then, don’t want a majority of Germans apparently.

“Eternal summer time” – that sounds tempting. As one thinks of the beautiful, warm Season with long, light evening hours. But beware: the one hour of “suspended” time in the Winter would have an impact, many people are not even aware of – after all, we have not experienced it yet. Experts fear at least some drastic consequences. You have good reasons to be sustainable against the ongoing summer time and for winter time, so the CET, to say:


the end of the time conversion

sleep researcher in the Interview: “The permanent summer time would be the wrong solution”

Ilona Kriesl 1. Winter time is sleep-Wake rhythm

Alfred Wiater, President of the German society for sleep research and sleep medicine, says: “The previous winter period complies with the conditions, the rhythm taking into account the natural light influences our sleep-Awake-the best.” In simple terms, The winter time is, so to speak, our “normal time”, with which most of us arrive at the best deal, say, Chrono-biologists, such as Till Roenneberg of the University of Munich.

2. Darkness well into the morning, the students suffering

In the summer, the summer time guaranteed long bright evenings, in the Winter, but returns in the long dark mornings. On the shortest day of the year, the beginning of Winter on 22. December, would rise the sun, for example, in Frankfurt/Main until around 9.20 PM, in the far North, even until 9.40 am – it would remain so until well into the morning, into the dark. Especially pupils and students, would have to suffer from sleep researchers and medical professionals warn. You would have to in the event of permanent summer time on significantly more days than they are now in the dark get up. Again Till Roenneberg: “Depending on your place of residence, you have six weeks more dark ways to School in the morning.”

3. Eternal summer makes you sick

More work and school in the dark is not in the opinion of the physician only annoying, uncomfortable, and for students perhaps even unreasonable – no, they fear a significant increase in health problems. Because of the longer darkness is connected according to the DGSM-chief Wiater, that we Wake up later, and us still more than you already have by alarm clock to Wake up. The result: “It increases the likelihood for Diabetes, despres ion, sleep and learning problems,” says Till Roenneberg. Or even more drastic: “This means that we Europeans are getting fatter, dumber and Gran tiger.”

4. Summer time creates lack of sleep

sleep medicine physicians are with the summer-time even now not satisfied. If it is longer in the evening light, a set the production of the Sleep neurotransmitter Melatonin later. The result: You will not rechzzeitig, but aifstehen in the morning, still early. The result: “With time, a sleep threatens to defect – we will be an even more chronic unausgeschlafenen, sleep-deprived society,” says sleep researcher Hans-Günter -. The long, light evenings, many of us enjoy nevertheless.

5. Russia has tried’s and

give up the fears seem to be not fantasy, it has been shown in Russia. There, the former Kremlin chief Dmitiri Medvedev in 2011 had introduced permanent summer time. The result is that the people complained in the first place, that it remained in Winter now in the morning, no longer dark with the described medical consequences. Three years later the country returned to a decision of Medvedev’s successor, Vladimir Putin, to permanent winter time – and the number of time increased in addition, zones in the country.

It seems as steer Germany to a conflict in the matter of time. Still two years time to bring the recommendations of the experts and the wishes of the majority of the population in line. Whether that succeeds? The time will show it.

source: DPA / the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” / “press” / “Hannoversche Allgemeine”