Philadelphia (Reuters) – passers-by help a woman with a hijab – a kind of head scarf in a certain everyday situation, something less than a light-skinned German.

The were able to show US researchers in a lavish open-air experiment at 30 German stations, as they write in the “Proceedings” (PNAS) of the US national Academy of Sciences. Political scientist Nicholas Sambanis and his Team from the University of Pennsylvania were an actor in a certain scene, in different variations, more than 1600 Times to play and observed the reaction of a total of more than 7000 unwitting passers-by.

The scene looked like this: A man carelessly throws a coffee Cup on the platform. A young woman waiting for the train, asking him for his garbage pick up. Then the woman takes a call on her cell phone. A bag of oranges falls Accidentally on the floor. The question: do you Get a light-skinned, obviously German-born woman is more likely to support the orange cancel as a woman whose appearance suggests a migration background and wearing a hijab?

answer: Yes, a little. The German got in 84 percent of cases, the help of, the woman with hijab in 73 percent of cases. The actress was either a light-skinned German, or had a Turkish, Egyptian, Syrian or Kurdish descent.

Had not warned the woman before the man due to the discarded Cup, she got generally less support. In the case of a white German in 73 percent of the cases, in the case of a woman with a headscarf in 60 percent of cases. In addition, the researchers noticed: Wore the actress with roots abroad, open hair and a cross or any religious Symbol, so it was, on average, about the same helpfulness given to how the German actress.

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