A crucial day before the Theresa May on Tuesday in the London Parliament. 318 voices of the British Prime Minister needs to bring your with the EU negotiated Brexit agreement yet on the way (the vote from 20 clock CET). Less could also be enough, as long as a majority of the votes cast is achieved. But currently it looks not so, as May could convince enough members of your Deal.

At the first attempt May have failed with a crash: 432 deputies voted no, only 202 Yes. Among the votes against are also 118 of their own members, and ten members of the North were Irish-Protestant DUP, from their support of their minority depends on the government. Will it be possible May this Time to draw enough members on your side? An Overview.

Tory loyalists (in favour): Around 150 members from the conservative group are considered to be loyal. Many hold in addition to their mandate positions in the government and they would have to make, if they position themselves against the agreement.

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How to get a Danish grandmother suddenly into the light of the Brexit debate has moved

Brexit-Delivery Group (): , this group of around 50 Tory MPs to the Prime Minister in principle. They are also referred to as a “Brexit Delivery Group” (Brexit-implementation group). An EU-exit without a contract, these members refuse but strictly. Threats of resignation from the Brexit Delivery Group forced May, a vote, a postponement of the Brexits announce.

Conservative Brexit-hardliners (against): Around 80 man strong is the so-called European Research Group is eccentric, the influence of MPs Jacob Rees-Mogg. This includes roughly 20 more independent conservative opponents of the EU. How many members of Parliament from this group will certainly be voting against the Deal, is unclear. May would have to drag the majority to their side, in order to have a Chance. A hard core of 20 Tories seems to be a No-Deal-Brexit under all circumstances.

speculation of fresh elections in the Brexit-dispute

EU-friendly Tories (half-half): A group of around ten members, the former attorney General Dominic Grieve is fighting for a possible close connection to the EU, or even a departure from the EU exit. Some in this group are likely to hope for a shift in the Brexits and against Mays Deal votes.

Labour loyalists (against): head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn speculates on a new election should fail, the Brexit Treaty. Approximately 170 members are expected to follow his call and against the Deal votes.