After the death of a 39-year-old mother, from Schönberg in the district of Plön to Kiel, the prosecution relies for clues to the perpetrators, a reward of 3000 euros.

The woman was in the new year’s eve, between 0 a.m. and 0.30 a.m. in front of the eyes of her husband and their three children in a terraced house settlement, suddenly, with a blood ends of the bags wound together and shortly afterwards died in hospital. In the case of the post-mortem examination of the body discovered coroner metal shards in the head of the dead, as well as parts of a projectile identified.

anyone Who has celebrated new year’s eve in Schönberg near Kiel?

Parallel to the claiming of the reward, the investigators published a renewed appeal for witnesses. “We call on all the people who have spent new year’s eve in the so-called schöneberger density district, to report to us,” said a police spokesman, the star. Also a party which has not made suspicious observations, are important. “We want to reconstruct, if possible, the entire course of the Evening and the night in the field.” The “tight quarters” in the 6,000-inhabitant municipality on the Baltic sea, the area between station road, mill road and Probst eggs Allee and is characterized primarily by row and Single – family homes.

new year’s eve tragedy in Kiel

the mother of Three children died “with high probability” by a gunshot wound

By Daniel Wüstenberg

For the officials of the death of the 39-Year-old is still a mystery. You know, as yet, no motive for what might be an aimed shot, but also a abgeprallte ball is in investigators circles as unlikely. In the past few days, police have interviewed numerous residents, tracks, backed up, and the scene of the crime with 3D technology measured. The work of the investigators was hampered by the fact that in the settlement after the new year’s eve night and has been cleaned up swept.

fundraiser for family

The Killed leaves behind a husband and three children, a seven-year-old daughter and one-year twins. The local newspaper “Kieler Nachrichten” has started, in consultation with the municipality, a fundraiser for the bereaved. “You have to ask yourself: How could this happen? That there is a young family was torn apart, is particularly tragic. Everyone can imagine what it is like to lose his mother, or his wife,” said Peter Kokocinski, the mayor of the municipality, the sheet. “We welcome this Initiative, because the need to help is very large.”

office of the public Prosecutor speaks of the “incident”

new year’s eve: woman shot in Schönberg near Kiel?

The case in Schönberg near Kiel evokes memories of the turn of the year 2015/2016. At that time, a 54 had been shot-Year-old in the village under schleichach in lower Franconia, with a Revolver in the night and a girl fatally injured. The shooter should have felt from the noise of the revelers disturbed and, therefore, to the gun. The district court of Bamberg sentenced him to twelve years in prison for murder.

prosecutors and police in Kiel have switched to a reference portal on the Internet. People who have made the new year’s eve, night, Video or photo recordings in the area of Schönberg, in particular, in “tight quarters” (Goethe road, Schiller road, Hebbel road, herd road, Uhland road, and Probst, eggs of course) will be asked to upload them under the heading of “new year’s eve Schönberg”. Under the phone number (0431) 1603333 a tip line for witnesses is set up.

sources: police Directorate in Kiel I, police Department in Kiel II, police Department in Kiel III, “Kieler Nachrichten”

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