The search of the AfD office in Düsseldorf by the police in the morning, is on suspicion of illegal campaign help.

In an interview with the star Anette Milk, a spokesperson of the investigating Prosecutor of the food specified, the accusation: the poster campaign for the AfD-politician Guido Reil during the state Parliament election campaign of 2017 in North Rhine-Westphalia. The target of the investigation, therefore, against an Ex-official of the AfD, specifically, against the former Treasurer of the circle Association, Essen, Klaus K. The officials are not investigating Reil, the Parliament sitting, in the meantime, for the party in Europe.

investigations against Ex-Treasurer of the AfD to eat

The former Treasurer has not indicated the election campaign help in the Form of large posters by the Swiss lobbying firm “Goal AG” may properly be included in the annual report of the party. The value of the campaign is according to research by the “mirror” at around 44,500 euros.

The investigation will be conducted according to the public Prosecutor’s office on suspicion of violation of section 31d (1) 1 of the party law. It says: “Who (…) inaccurate information about the income or the assets of the party in a to the President of the German Bundestag submitted the accountability report or an incorrect accountability report to the President of the German Bundestag submits (…) shall be punished with imprisonment up to three years or with a monetary penalty.”

attack against the Parliament candidate

house and car of the AfD-politician in food

damage to the Bundestag administration Should explain the accountability report to be flawed, would be likely to have a significant penalty payment in the six figures on the AfD. The investigations against Klaus K. would then be extended to the suspicion of the infidelity of the AfD to the detriment. The party would be Damaged in this procedure.

to verify the allegations, have ensured the investigators in the offices of the national Association NRW, the district Association of Düsseldorf and the district Association dinner, which are all located in the same building “extensive written documents,” said Prosecutor’s office spokeswoman Milk to the star. “The investigators needed copies of IT were able to secure the systems of the party.”

AfD wants to inspect the files

to find out the evaluation of The documents and data serve for information about the party structure and the responsibilities when Creating the accountability report. “The present staff conduct themselves during the search cooperatively and announced for the future cooperation with investigators,” says Milk more.

The NRW regional Association of the AfD wool get now, first of all, “legal inspection of files,” said speaker Thomas skirts man to the AFP news Agency. For more information not he wanted to do first. You do not want to participate in speculations.

when first results are available in the procedure and whether or not other persons are in the focus of the investigator, is not in sight, according to the district attorney’s office.

sources: section 31d of the PPA, “mirror” parties-annual reports 2017 news agencies AFP and DPA