The three dead from Passau seem to have been with a crossbow shot. This is the preliminary result of the autopsy. Therefore, the man and the woman were together in a bed were killed by a shot to the heart, as a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office in Passau said. The 30-Year-old, who was in the room on the floor, had been shot in the neck immediately fatal. What exactly happened in the Board room, try the investigator to find out. Whether the dead now found women or the man were, or whether they bought the crossbows specifically, is still completely unclear. Murder cases with the sports equipment but there are always. To crossbows the most important questions and answers.

How many crossbow-is it in Germany?

The German shooting Federation (DSB) and are in more than 14.200 protect associations such as those organized 1.35 million members. Around 3000 of them operate crossbow shooting.

crossbow case

the victims of Passau died So the identity of the Wittinger bodies clarified


The Association of distinction among the sporty and traditional shooting, says the DSB skilled in the art. To protect the solid was shooting the so-called bird on wood birds popular. Sporting Shooters compete in national and international competitions. Will shot with arrows or bolts, wherein in the DSB only bolts were used.


A crossbow for sport 6000 to 8000 Euro costs

©Manfred Bail Picture Alliance Who can protect everything is allowed to buy a crossbow?

From the age of 18. Age can crossbows be freely acquired, as a DSB spokesman says. “Acquisition and possession, and Carry of crossbows are the weapons act, permission-free,” according to a spokesman for the Bavarian Ministry of the interior.

crossbows legal weapons?

New body finds

Three Dead in Passau, two in Wittingen – crossbow-case!


The weapons act, the crossbow falls under the “firearms equivalent items”. As the firearms equivalent to portable objects, in which a solid body in a targeted to be fired apply introduced, “the energy used to drive by muscle power, and by means of a locking device can be saved,” says the Ministry spokesman. The meet on the crossbow. In the case of firearms, bullets were being driven by a run – and was, in turn, in the case of the crossbow.

What is the cost of a crossbow?

Simple leisure crossbows there is 100 Euro. The professional crossbow sport, however, is not cheap: such A device would cost between 6000 and 8000 euros.

you are Allowed to hunt with crossbows animals?

hunting is not allowed, the crossbow in Germany. This is not applicable in this country as a fair hunt, says the DSB spokesperson.

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