The world heritage site of Stonehenge is a place to until today, various theories tendrils. Who built the stone circles? How old are you? And for what purpose the building served? Researchers in London have now published new findings that allow conclusions on the builders of the Monument. The building, of which the science is currently been built in its original form already 3100 before Christ, in the vicinity of Amesbury, Wiltshire, about 13 kilometres North of the English city of Salisbury, and in the course of the following centuries expanded.

The researchers compared in their studies, the DNA of the so-called Neolithic inhabitants of Britain with those of other people who populated the Region. Neolithic is from the Greek term for the Young – or Neolithic period. The researchers believe that based on their evidence shows that the ancestors of the Stonehenge builders were Neolithic Britons that the UK should be approximately in the year 4000 before Christ. They traveled from present-day Turkey in the direction of the Iberian Peninsula, spent some time in present-day Spain and Portugal, before they marched through France to the North and the UK. The “BBC” citing a study in the journal “Nature Ecology & Evolution”.

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researchers discover second Stonehenge

DPA ancestors of the Stonehenge builders were probably from the South-West of Europe

Those residents, which was once the agriculture to the UK. Until then, hunters and collectors, to have lived at the time of the construction of Stonehenge is also there, lived there in the first place. However, no DNA could be detected. The hunters and gatherers were gradually displaced by the immigrants – with the DNA of the two populations are mixed groups. The reasons for this fact, the researchers can do even just a conjecture, but the fact that the ancestors of the Stonehenge had to have been a Builder of immigrants from the South-West of Europe.

The time of those first Farmer ended in that Region of the UK by the way, with the Neolithic time. Then they died out and were replaced by another Generation of immigrants, who came from the European mainland to Britain, historian to speak here from the beginning of the bell beaker culture.

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fork in the road between a service station of the 21st century. Century and point of interest from the Neolithic period

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