Deputy of the Union, the SPD and the Left want to introduce on Monday a new draft law on organ donation. Proposed the so-called contradiction solution. At its core, this means that you must have objected to, if you wanted to donate his organs, said the SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach on Friday via the short message service Twitter. “Spiegel Online” had first reported about it.

Also, Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), supports this solution and wants to present the bill on Monday. Spahn was as a mere member of Parliament, said a Ministry spokesman.

contradiction solution to organ donation is planned

The Bundestag wool to the vote with an open mind and without the group forced a new regulation for organ donation. Currently, the so-called decision-making solution that everyone has during a lifetime, the opportunity to choose organ donation and to document a decision about an organ donation card.

ky / DPA