The winners are:


your Name of simplicity will be shortened for the sake of AKK. Often, such as Angela Merkel of outsiders ridiculed, has conquered Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer in competition with Friedrich Merz and Jens Spahn, the CDU leadership. Previously, the 56-Year-old had driven since February, the General Secretary of the CDU in the reform process and for the Post of the Saarland Minister-President to be abandoned. “Calm” and “modest” are among the adjectives that accompany your way. Actually, she wanted to become a midwife. Similar to Merkel, she is a liberal course – and can dish it out. In allusion to Merz, the still has no choice won, and announces to bring the CDU back up to 40% and to halve the AfD, said AKK: “I have won elections with 40 per cent for the CDU and about six percent for the AfD.” Of a trust’s. The other has proven. That is the difference.


Where the SPD looks gray, he is the best proof of that feeling today, in politics at least as important as content. Thanks to Robert Habeck and his Co-Chairman, Anna Lena Baerbock swim the Green on the wave of success – the best result of all times in Bavaria, the former children rushed book author like a rock star from the stage into the crowd.

press review

New double

promise to the future: the press commented on the new Green leaders


“the Leading force of the centre-left,” want to be the Green. The heat of the summer brought back the issue of climate protection. And on a “happiness guarantee”-tour through Germany, visited Habeck places such as the hambach castle, the Symbol of the Revolution of 1848, which tried to instrumentalize the AfD, to chop to their nationalist Agenda. The Greens want to occupy the home term with all the opportunities of Migration is positive, in order to position itself as the “Anti-AfD” in the clear.


he is also still a space program presented “Bavaria One” with a volume of EUR 700 million, earned Markus Söder a lot of ridicule. Because there was still an appearance at the young Union in front of his likeness with the Slogan “Bavaria One Mission for the future”.

Bavarian state election

The 13 commandments of the Markus Söder: A clandestine approach in beer

Stephan mouse

a tent, The Prime Minister’s office took over Söder from Horst Seehofer, who has moved to Berlin, to wanted because it in the home. In the election campaign, the 51-Year old not-so-properly – until he embarked on a nearly AfD-middle course, then he tried to give the compassionate Christian social and says today: You are not allowed to run after the AfD. In the end, it was 37.2 percent quite a swatter, but thanks to the Free voters, the CSU can govern more and Söder his old adversary, Seehofer follow the chief as soon as CSU.


Just a year, he is now Juso-in-chief, Kevin Kühnert has almost grandees such a high media presence of the SPD and influence. As the protection of the Constitution President Hans-Georg Maaßen made radical forces in the SPD, to be responsible, tweeted Kühnert, with a twinkle in his eye, it was an honor that Maaßen of the Jusos of the office can feel forced: “let’s Write us in the letter head. Greetings from the radical left wing of the SPD.”

Juso-in-chief of the “Berliner Zeitung”

Kevin Kühnert speaks in an Interview about his Coming out


Kühnert insists on an Alternative to Hartz IV, a right-of-way for young candidates in the European elections. Be No Grand coalition-rate has helped the split in the SPD. And with 29 years of age he comes for the first row, probably not in consideration. Since then even less time for the visit of football would play.


The Comeback in 2018 – with a kink in the end of the year. Angela Merkel had declared their renunciation of the CDU chairmanship, since, launched, Friedrich Merz, against players from the Opposition, via the “image” of his candidacy. Suddenly, the men had boots-the Federal government of the past, the Andean Pact, Merkel, again all the rage. But quickly the sour countries got into deep water. In ten years of abstinence has changed the policy, especially through social media. The Start of a debate on the right to asylum has backfired. And in spite of millions of assets, Merz said, he is counting more on the “upscale middle class”. Complained that much about his Aufsichtsratsjob in the US-‘m going to talking to asset managers, Blackrock and little is known about the activity for a toilet paper manufacturer. Armed to the CDU chair of the base came in the betting pretty well, was defeated at the election in December, but almost AKK.


The Elder Statesman and the CDU-puppet master. Wolfgang Schäuble, prevented a rupture between the CDU and the CSU in the Bundestag, showed Angela Merkel with subtle Winks in Interviews that it might need at the top of the CDU. And he met as President of the Bundestag, according to the xenophobic incidents in Chemnitz for many the right tone.

CDU party Congress

schäuble’s “Merkel must go”

Axel front trees

Since 1972, member of the Bundestag, Schäuble, the turning point: “xenophobia, Hitler greetings, Nazi symbols and attacks on Jewish institutions – for all of which there can be neither leniency nor understanding belittling.” One must also Ensure that “the minds of many citizens”. In the case of the election of the new CDU in the top of the 76-Year-old experienced a Bust, as he publicly supported Merz, against Kramp-Karrenbauer lost. Leads many polls of the most popular politicians, even though he lost the least sympathy values.



The man from Wurselen is today often referred to as a “simple member of the German Bundestag”. The Ex-President of the European Parliament, Ex-SPD chief and Ex-Chancellor candidate is almost libelous. Powerful derailed, looking, Martin Schulz, on the way back to the trail. He said the first no to the Grand coalition, led by the SPD. But had to abandon after massive pressure from its own ranks to the Post of foreign Minister.


appeal to the Bundestag

Martin Schulz the man of the day would be can – but he has deviated

Dieter Hoß

Schulz stumbled, ultimately, the answer to a journalists question: After the Bundestag election in 2017, he said, he’ll never Merkel Minister under Chancellor. On the road a lot, visited Brazil Ex-President Lula in prison in China, he arranged the return of Anthony Modeste to his 1. FC Köln. He has a large network and is not finished yet.


Minister of foreign Affairs, the man from Goslar would still like to, but the new party leadership didn’t want it. Also by Schulz, had he left the candidacy for Chancellor and the SPD Chairman, and was then in front of his own Out of the office, felt Sigmar Gabriel betrayed. He pushed his daughter, who found it, supposedly it’s great that the dad no longer had to put up with the “man with the hair” in the face.

Ex-SPD chief

So, Sigmar Gabriel, would save the SPD and what do 100 Influencers in order to


Gabriel was in the United States, taught at Harvard, met with Trump in the electorate, including a trip to the Hairdresser. Now has close contact with Schulz – both the concern for a Implode of the SPD unites. Manifests itself in recent times, more often in the Interviews, such as the SPD-Trauma Hartz IV: “The SPD must be careful that you don’t get Hartz IV-party.” Who knows, maybe there’s a Comeback.


Internally, it is mocked as “Pippi Longstocking”, and finally, Andrea Nahles 2013 sang from a lectern in the Bundestag little harmonious “I’m the world widde widde as you like”. Prior to her election to the first woman at the top of the SPD she said: “I think I can.”

party in Need

The SPD in search of the “philosopher’s stone”


But after seven months as party Chairman Nahles stands with his back to the wall. In a group such as party, will have an open discussion about your detachment – hapless performances, a lack of clear messages and, above all, your still very negative Image in many opinion polls seem to lead to the feet. The year 2019 with the European elections and four parliamentary elections is likely to decide their political destiny. Their Situation also sheds light on the personal situation of the SPD: Nahles holds for the time being only in office because good Alternatives are in short supply.

star talk


“Merkel is, for me, a Person of contemporary history”


Also, the FDP leader, it has not been easy. Constantly, Christian Lindner brings his famous come rate to Jamaica-at the end: “Better not to reign, as a false rule.” Lindnern not make a household word for a little bit. In the Bundestag for the FDP and its Chairman is carved now each time a criticism of the Grand coalition to the ears, you could have a Jamaica-coalition and govern themselves. Add to this the rise of the Greens, the emergence of the FDP. Lindner was one of the winners in 2017, he led the FDP back in the Federal Parliament. He is now looking for a way to yet again mitzuregieren. Also Jamaica might, but only without Angela Merkel. He used the opposition time to get the hunting license, and now ROE deer and wild boar shooting.


Was super-Minister for home Affairs, construction and home – and drive the conflict with Angela Merkel, because of their migration policy at the top. Horst Seehofer was the coalition for many the “mother of all problems”. He referred to the horror of many people, the issue of the refugees. On the question of the rejection of asylum seekers at the border, the coalition fell apart almost as well as his long Sponsor of the protection of the Constitution President Hans-Georg Maaßen.

year in review

political quotes of the year

“I’m not from a Chancellor to be dismissed, just because of me, Chancellor”


much indignation Sehofer harvested for a sentence to a deportation flight: “just on my 69. Birthday 69 – the was not ordered by me, so people return to Afghanistan.” According to the CSU-crash in the Bayern-election, he announced the withdrawal as a CSU leader. With the phrase “I don’t do a clip around the ears tree”, he coined a in the Rest of the country hitherto unknown word for scapegoat.


13 years he was the faithful majority of procurers in the Union faction in the Bundestag, for the law of the Chancellor project. Then Volker Kauder became the lightning rod for the frustration about the state of the Union and the coalition. Completely by surprise, the deputies of the CDU and the CSU fell in September, the man from Baden-Württemberg, and chose the Westphalia and former group Vice Ralph Brinkhaus to your top. Merkel, who had recommended the choice of your Trusted Kauder previously expressly said, in a democracy, there are also defeats. “There are to sugarcoat anything.” To Kauder, the flickered before constantly on the television screens, it was quiet. He now has more time for his election in the district of Rottweil and Tuttlingen – and his special commitment is to continue to fight against the persecution of Christians all over the world.

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