just in Time for the third Sunday in Advent it is snowing again on Sunday – at least in Parts of Germany. As the rainfall but also partly as freezing rain, could it be on the streets smooth, warns the German weather service (DWD). A reliable forecast of a possible “white Christmas'” is not yet possible.

ice is a danger to the West and southwest, already in the night to Sunday. There is snow at temperatures from zero to minus eight degrees, in rain and drizzle. On the streets is also offered on Sunday caution. The meteorologists predict snow and freezing rain, at temperatures of from zero to six degrees.

Stormy gusts on the coast

East of the Elbe river, it remains in temperatures of minus one to plus two degrees still dry. In the North, on the coast and on exposed peaks, there are strong to stormy gusts, later the Wind decreases.

In the night-time values between the three degrees on the lower Rhine, and minus three degrees in the upper, it is at the lowest of the Palatinate forest way smooth due to freezing rain. During the week it is again mild and dry. Especially at night it can be but still smooth.

ky / DPA