After the racist attack 22 dead in El Paso USA are discussing a right-wing extremist terrorist. Not so “Fox”-host Tucker Carlson. The explained in his Show why “white supremacists” – the racists, the White of all the other people think, per se, superior to – not a Problem for the United States.

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Trump, the scene of the crime tormentor: Many politicians would prefer to be on his Ziyarat


On the media Website “Media Matters” to waive the excerpt from “Tucker Carlson tonight is” Tuesday. This is the “Fox”-the Moderator says: “The whole thing is a lie. If you were to create a list, a hierarchy of problems with which this country is faced, where the white supremacy would be on the list? As above, probably with Russia. It is actually not a real Problem in America. All members of each ‘white supremacy’organization in this country would fit in a College Football stadium. I mean, Seriously, this is a country where the average Person is poorer, in the rising rate of suicide – ‘white supremacy is the Problem’ – this is a hoax. Just as the Russian dizziness it is a conspiracy theory, which is used to divide the country and keep the Power. This is exactly what is going on.”

influence of Russia undisputed

What Carlson says, exactly, “Russian hoax”, is not entirely clear. That Russia wanted to take on the US presidential election in 2016, influence, denies nobody, really. After all, special investigator Robert Mueller is investigating the extent of the influence and possible implications of Donald Trump in it.

And then Carlson continues: “White supremacy – you know, I’ve lived here for 50 years, I’ve never met anyone – not one Person -which is regarded as a ‘white supremacist’. I don’t know anyone who thinks this is a good idea.” This Argument is about as valid as “because I have never seen a monitor Lizard, it is not.”

talk host defended at Tucker Carlson racists

That Carlson denies the existence of “white supremacists” is all the more astounding because, according to the “Huffington Post”, a permanent guest of his mission, exactly, these people in protection has taken. As Mark Steyn said in Carlson’s Show: “White supremacists are American citizens. The illegal immigrants should not be here.”

Nevertheless, Carlson’s sets out his theory: “I mean, you have to invent it, and it is a conversation topic that you can use to help you in this legislature, of course, because Russia is dead.” “You,” says Carlson, apparently, the Democrats and the many Trump supporters hated the media as the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post”.

Carlson, his theory will prove, remains to be secret.

sources: Huffington Post, Tucker Carlson tonight, Steyn online.

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