The White Ring will in the future publish each year a victim-of the situation in Germany. As the Police crime statistics, lighting each year, the offender, to the back of this report, the situation of crime victims in the views.

That said, the Federal Chairman Jörg Ziercke, the Deutsche Presse-Agentur in Mainz. The first report of the non-profit victim protection Association could possibly be presented in the fall of 2019 in Berlin to the Public.

A particular focus of the White bark on the bullying in Social networks. It relates to the evaluation Zierckes in particular, young people between 12 and 19 years. “This is a very large topic that can go up to suicide,” said Ziercke. In such cases there is, unfortunately, in this country. Cyber bullying is now a focus of the prevention work of the White ring.

As a young Volunteer went to the victims aid organisation, specifically in schools or to meetings of parents, such cases, to prevent – “but always in the company of teachers,” said the former President of the Federal criminal police office. “Because you cannot know, whether in the classroom, in the lecture, just massive cases of bullying take place.”

it was not the task of the White ring, to give psychological advice, said Ziercke, since September of 2018, the head of the victim support organisation. You can only raise awareness and show how Affected help. For example, that you should turn to trusted teachers or the White Ring and its network partners, such as the project Juuuport, specialized in services for digital bullied young people.

“You have to realize that you can’t solve such a bullying case alone,” said Ziercke. Many were ashamed to tell of his own plight. The Knowledge that it happens to other too, so could give power to report to a display. “Who believes he can cope with all that himself who has pulled the wrong card.”

Ziercke, was from 2004 to 2014, President of the Federal criminal police office, wishes, also, in all of the länder, the protection of victims Commissioner. “We would welcome very much, because we don’t see any competition in there,” he said. The Commissioner shall have – depending on where he was in the country located – direct access to the government, a Ministry or the Parliament. “He can be a multiplier for the needs of the victims, when it comes to legislation or policy advice.” The officer would have to be equipped but also reasonable. Yet it give such Officer only in some countries.


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